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If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. When I was a child and into my early teens, my grandparents had a cottage on Spider Lake near Traverse City, MI.
I remember it had a small compartment under a small front deck, and that we stowed the anchors under that. A smallish boat that a 10 year old can row on calm water - large ponds, reservoirs, but large enough that an adult (maybe two) and large dog can ride in. My Traverse City place is on Lake George Trail, with Spider Lake on one side and Lake George on the other. The 13' Chamberlain dory skiff came to mind on reading your request I have been rowing one since around the age of 7 or 8yrs. And, there are plenty of very simple to build plywood rowboat designs out there, many from Jim Michalak.
I personally like skin-on-frame rowboats (that's fabric over frames, not plywood), since they are so much lighter, easier to build and less expensive. There are so many nice rowboat designs that it really just depends on how much time and effort you want to devote to the project! Ross Lillistone's Flint is my favorite for quick build, fairly light (110 lbs.), and very capable. Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats. Norman Fuller launches his Ella plywood skiff built to free plans – and it’s a success! Norman Fuller has launched his Ella skiff built using free boat plans from this website – and has pronounced it a success.

From the pictures, I think the problem you had with the rowlocks is that they could be higher – the choice is between lowering the thwart and raising the rowlocks, or both.
The Ella skiff is a lightweight general purpose stitch and glue flattie skiff for use in sheltered waters. So I raised the oarlocks (what you Brits call rowlocks) by putting on slightly taller bases or pads. I filled in the gaps between the inwale and outwale with wood blocks glued in place, then attached the oarlock pads and oarlock bases to those blocks using PL Premium and long screws — although bolts with washers are MUCH more secure for this critical fastening.
First I made the forward thwart pads from some VG Douglas Fir handrails, which I then could not match at any nearby wood source, hence the Ash used above. Have you got news for us?If what you're doing is like the things you read about here - please write and tell us what you're up to. Classic Sailor is a new magazine about traditional and classic boats from ex-Classic Boat editor Dan Houston and colleagues that promises rather more coverage of the traditional craft around our coast. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow me on TwitterLooking for something?This is a busy weblog, and what you're looking for is probably still here - just a little way down the list now. Our Faversham-based friend Alan Thorne can help with boatbuilding projects - constructing to plans in very tidy stitch-and-glue or more traditional techniques. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. My grandfather had a small rowboat that my brother and I used to row out on the lake to explore and do some fishing.
It leaked a little bit, we had a tin can to bail it out in the morning, but it was fine out on the lake all day.

Since I don't really know how it was built (I'm thinking plywood with hardwood frames - skin on frame?) I'm open to S&G, lapstrake, etc.
I set them in the gapped inwale following the line of the side of the boat, but they need to be more upright, so I think I will change them. It’s easy to do, you see it done very often, and when the block wears you can replace it. Try scrolling down, clicking on the 'older posts' button at the bottom of this page - or try the search gadget! He had originally promised the boat to us, but for some reason, after they sold the cottage, he burned it for the wood. I used to have it but since I upgraded to W7 I don't have it any more and have forgotten the proper syntax. It is meant to be a simple and quick stitch and glue building job of a size that is convenient for building in domestic garages made to take a small to medium-sized car – which probably describes the building area available to most people.
The stable, flat bottom rowboat can also be powered by a small outboard, plus there are three built-in flotation chambers for safety (flotation filling optional).
Just trace the patterns on the plywood, cut the pieces out with a sabre saw, then Stitch-N-Glue together.

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