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General Comments:A sail assisted motor vessel for exploring the Pacific Northwest or farther a field. The Northcoast is a motorsailer based on the small double-ended fishing trollers of British Columbia. While not intended to be a high-performance sailing yacht, she will be maneuverable and forgiving under sail.
Her arrangement includes a large vee-berth right forward, with oil or wood heater and locker opposite next aft.
Outside controls can be tiller or wheel aft on the centerline, or a wheel forward on the aft starboard side of the pilothouse.
Plans include very detailed drawings of the construction, as well as specifications and building guide.
In her designed environment of sheltered and semi - sheltered water she is an ideal step up for dingy sailors, and most suitable for older couples looking for something a little smaller.
Boat plans, yacht designs and boat kits for boats built from wood epoxy, plywood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum, boats plans for round bilge, multi-chine and radius 24 Unique Sailboat Designs, instant access download!
S ailboats embody the mystery of the sea, of going only where the wind is willing to take you.
The boat is beautiful and it's performance is amazing but it's time to move onto the next project. Location: Australia Thats a really nice looking boat with some great ideas. Location: Barbados Congrats to both BCD and AliK on your impressive wheelchair accessible designs - they both look like very practical and versatile (and pretty) craft. Alik, start your own thread, preferably AFTER you have something to show for it other than pretty pictures. Location: Australia I'm with Sam Sam, I'd like to see more details of the specs, it is an impressive-looking vessel. Originally Posted by SamSam Alik, start your own thread, preferably AFTER you have something to show for it other than pretty pictures. Location: Coastal Georgia Well, do whatever you want, see how far it gets you. Behind this design, there was a special study in ergonomics of wheelchair user and compliance to CE requirements within accessibility constraints. Location: Australia Well BCD, how about you tell us more about your boats specs, unless it's a secret ! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Ive been drawing a few sketches on graph paper the last few days and ive came up with a 12ft row boat but im stuck on a few things and dont really want to commit trying to build one untill ive all the proper info incase i make a balls of it.
Im wanting to know can i make the cedar strips thicker than whats used on canoes just to give it that wee bit more strength. Im only at the desgiun stage but im finding it abit difficult as i think i should be using 3d diagrams instead of 2d which im currently doing. Any help would be great because ive got the itch to build something else after succesfully building a plywood canoe last year. Is there anyone on this forum who can put my measurements into their computer and check to see if everything will work out for me and this boat will float properly.

Location: ireland Is there any reason why i cant copy and paste my pictures into this thread. Originally Posted by irish guy1888 Is there any reason why i cant copy and paste my pictures into this thread. Originally Posted by irish guy1888 Im wanting to know can i make the cedar strips thicker than whats used on canoes just to give it that wee bit more strength. For what you're doing it's pretty safe to just eyeball it and if it looks right it will probably row fine. Location: maine I believe the thicker wood can add a lot of stiffness but the question is how much stiffness is really needed or even desirable. This is why an egg is damaged if you drop it on a hard surface but a skinned hard-boiled egg would be unharmed.
You get something like four times the stiffness by increasing the core thickness by double. Strength is not just derived from stiffness but from a host of factors such as would help a boat to survive in real world conditions. I would encourage you to continue with design but realize, your firest boat should be designed by a recognized designer. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada I think it would be simpler if you took the canoe design and just scaled it to the beam and height that you needed.
Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada I took another look at this FreeShip file and I discovered that I can select just the points I want to lower, at the stem, using the scaling tool.
Accommodation for 4 overnight but designed for full time living aboard by one or two.  Cruising speed 7-8 knots. The boat is easily constructed and can be entirely home built with the exception of fittings and sails.
For those who like a brisk sail the boat is suitable for club racing and will plane in the right conditions. How can someone take a boat design, follow the boat plans and turn it into a gorgeous sailing vessel he can be proud of? We offer a variety of sailboat sizes, using several construction BRUCE ROBERTS OFFICIAL WEB SITE for sailboat plans and boat kits for steel boats or aluminum sailboat designs, cut to size sailboat kits, part built boats or complete WoodenBoat Forum [Site] Publisher.
Starting a do-it-yourself project requires a high-quality set of boat building plans, patterns or drawings in a choice of construction methods, designs, and styles.
The boat has a huge amount of space and is designed so that the steering station, main cabin and bathroom are all fully accessible. I want it to go to a good home, and because it's such a specialised project, I was wondering if anyone would know of someone who would be in the market for this type of boat or interested? For years, in some countries, new passenger ships must be adapted for use by disabled people. You should do a sales pitch for it, describing it's performance, mechanical and handicapped features, in a sales oriented website close to the area where the boat would be physically available to be seen and could be bought economically without high transport costs. A description of the accommodations and amenities, cooking, heads, berths, generators, tank capacities, electronics etc? You are obviously trying to hijack BCD's thread, but maybe you don't know what hijacking a thread means.
The research paper with this design was a case study will be published in coming issue of IJMD.

Any input or information is good because there isn't that much information out there on these type of projects.
Im thinking of using teh method gill gillpatrick uses when building his canoes with having some cut outs of ply wood and bend the strips of cedar around these and join with wood glue. My boat is 12ft long and 500mm high and will have a curve at the front and back of the boat but i dont know how much of a curve to put on it. If anyone can point out any mistakes or if you know of any changes that i can make so i can make a better boat,it would be great if you could point them out to me. The first few times you had at it, you probably could barely please yourself, but with practice and some guidance, you managed to impress one or two prom dates. If you have the skills, experience and fortitude to follow this through, sure you can do it.
Select one you like, build to the plans and save you inventiveness for the next build, when you have a better handle on things. It illustrates the power of FreeShip and looks like a pretty and handy little rowboat to me. A chemical toilet is located under the foreward berths and the layout includes a small but practical galley. The Song Wren 21 is now available as study and construction plans in American and Build A Sailboat – 3D Boat Design Software. The Maritime Administration reviews the new projects, taking into account, among others, this idea and does not give the building permit if the rules are not met.
When i draw my boat on paper, i have a straight line where my gun whales go , is this ok to do or will i have to have the same curve as i have on the bottom.
Judging by your initial post, I'd have to say you have none of the skills, understanding or practical experience to make this a reasonable and successful project.
Changing things in small craft, without understanding and experience, usually just leads to a boat that doesn't do what you'd hoped, most often from excessive weight or worse altered hull shapes, that kill the boat's abilities underway.
As to the design aspects, unless you're willing to adsorb several large texts and some serious studying, then leave this as well, for a time when you have a far greater understanding, of the physics and engineering involved.
I lengthened the 12' long hull by 20% then lopped off the stern at the 12' station to create a transom which I raised above the 500 lb displacement waterline leaving a small skeg.
BCD is trying to sell his boat, not open a discussion of handicap accessible boats in general.
To attach photos, if typing a message in the Quick Reply click Go Advanced (or start your reply using the blue Post Reply button instead.) Then under Additional Options, click Manage Attachments and select the files and click upload. You want to develop the build scantlings, but haven't formulated up the appropriate structural considerations. This isn't meant as an insult, but just an observation (abet a frank one) to what you've admitted.
I also reduced the width of the sheer strake slightly although the plank widths need more work. Meanwhile, I am not 'hijacking the thread' or selling anything (we have nothing to sell!) buy trying to show how design task for wheelchair is solved.

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