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Yep, that"s the one Rick, me and several others have posted over the years and its still the best for review on how to get it done.
We were able to take the boat out this weekend, a little cool at full throttle, but definitely nice to get it out this late in the season.
Also remember the second part of the rule:There comes a point in time in every pontoon boat building project where you need to shoot the "builder" and just put the dayum thing in the water! Our progress this weekend, I am so whooped, sure glad tomorrow is a work day, need to go to work to rest.

The bar is complete , installed, not moving!  How do you like the button top brass screws? Man it sure is bright and sunshiny in your neck of the woods (was here the last 3 days until the downpour we got early this morning) cold weather rushing back in.
I currently only have the name of the boat on the side panels and of course the registration numbers.
Wife and I are going to try sometime this weekend even though weather forecast doesn"t hold out much hope but we"re bound and determined (might get wet and cold), maybe the wind will at least be somewhat calm (can only hope).

All seats,console, wiring, steering, controls, fuel system, running lights, are 2 years new.

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