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Swartswood State Park, and check out Swartswood State Park on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. From his acquisition of the lake in 1888 until his death in 1905, Newark-based rubber and harness manufacturer Andrew Albright, Sr.
The focus of park is Swartswood Lake, 520-acre (210 ha) glacial lake that is the third-largest freshwater lake in New Jersey. Swartswood State Park is located in the Kittatinny Valley which is a segment of the Great Appalachian Valley that stretches from Quebec to Alabama. Duck Pond is a woodland vernal pool, a depression in the forest, unconnected to a stream, with a dense soil layer that impedes the water from flowing out easily. Swartswood State Park offers 65 tent and trailer camping sites that accommodate up to six persons each and include a "fire ring, picnic table and lantern holder". Stillwater resident George Keen (1789a€“1866) built a grist mill at the outlet of Swartswood Lake in 1838 at the site where Charles Rhodes, Sr.
I spent months cursing the fact that I was moving to New Jersey about and nice landscaping.
Established in 1915 by the state's Forest Park Reservation Commission, it was the first state park established by the state of New Jersey for the purposes of recreation at the state's third-largest freshwater lake.[a] Today, Swartswood State Park is operated and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. Both Swartswood Lake and the smaller Little Swartswood Lake are remnants of the retreat glaciers from the Wisconsin glaciation which began roughly 20,000 years ago. Stokes established the Forest Park Reservation Commission to begin acquiring and setting aside lands within the state of New Jersey as parks and forest reserves.[1] The first acquisitions were forest lands with an aim toward protecting their commercial value. The valley and surrounding area is part of New Jersey's Ridge and Valley physiographic province.

The park also offers five yurt camping sites.[12][34] According to the park website, "flush toilets and showers facilities are within walking distance" of these campsites. Swartswood was the last reserve created by the commission before it was absorbed into an executive department in 1915. Boyle, A Guide to Bird Finding in New Jersey (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2002), 38. Camping in the round in Jerseya€™s state park, New Jersey Monthly Magazine (October 2014; online September 24, 2014). Mercer County Boathouse Marina is a County Facility and Mercer County charges a $100.00 County Fee for all Events. Both lakes have been the focus of water-quality improvement efforts by the state, including invasive aquatic-weed control and watershed protection in association with a local non-profit organization. The surficial geology of the valley, namely its soils and parent materials, were created from materials left behind by the retreat of the Wisconsin glaciation after the last glacial maximum. Picnic areas are located at several scenic sites around the lake equipped with picnic tables and grills. Keen acquired the mill property in 1824 from Rhodes' grandson and replaced the older mill with the new mill that operated with three run of grinding stones. Vail who used the mill property's dam to control waterflow in the Paulins Kill which powered the Blairstown Electric Light Company's power plant further downstream.
The park system was managed by several agencies over the twentieth century before the creation of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection restructured the park system and other agencies under auspices of the Division of Parks and Forestry in 1971. 47; State of New Jersey, "Session Laws", Acts of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey.

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Anderson, "The Distribution of the Ambystoma jeffersonianum Complex in New Jersey", Journal of Herpetology Vol.
The park is open all year, with many recreational activities available, including hiking, birdwatching, cross-country skiing, swimming, boating, and camping. After replacing the dam, Vail sold the mill property three years later to the trustees of Blair Academy who owned it until 1969.
Geological Survey Open File Map OF 95-543B: Surficial Geologic Map of the Northern Sheet, New Jersey (United States Geological Survey, New Jersey Geological Survey, 1995), 12.
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Boat liveries and picnic shelters to be maintained under proper control will make it available to a large number of people" and to stock the lake with fish.[7] Because of its focus on recreational activities, Swartswood is considered New Jersey's first state park.
A June 1962 park pamphlet described the park as "704 acres including the entire water body of Swartswood Lake.

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