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NOTE: Modify the width="100%" or height="400px" values inside the code below to suite your need! Options include hardtop (with manual sunroof), cockpit electric grill, upper cockpit carpet, and exterior Teak accent package. Description2007 TIARA Sovran, This 4300 Sovran is by far the most heavily equiped and best kept on the market today. The positives are: your electronics are simply first rate, the Crusaders are very good engines and there are no outdrives to deal with! I know nothing about Tiaras, know nothing about the market on them either so I can't speak to your price, but I think you have done your part in making the boat as nice as it can be. BTW, my wife & young son (and his Dad) would love your boat, wish I were able to afford such a nice set-up, maybe someday.
Folks that are serious about this boat already know that fuel burn numbers are probably something like 22-24 gph at cruise so I don't think that is the issue. The boat has a solid fiberglass hull bottom so not sure why would comment that thru hulls need to be replaced, they are all in good condition.
All Tiaras had an issue where they failed to seal the above waterline thruhulls, ridiculous that they didn't take 5 minutes to epoxy the core where they drilled and some have signs of water intrusion. I compression test the motors every two years when change the plugs and always tested in the mid 150s within 10% or better.

Also you might consider adding a photo of the transom area, or basically the cockpit as a whole. We curate the most interesting boats for sale almost every day.Do you share the same passion as we do? Below in our directory you will find detailed description and information of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 model plus photos, reviews, specifications, prices, charters and everything else you need to know about this fantastic boat for sale. Search Sacs Marine directory for pontoon boats, fishing boats , aluminium boats, bass boats, speed boats, silboats and luxury yachts for sale.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. AC is a really nice plus as is the generator, huge add-on's that will make staying on-board really comfortable.
I think selling twin engine big blocks is going to be a challenge no matter how nice she looks in today's world.
Gasser running costs do scare some people so it might help if they can see that the mp$ between gas and diesel are not all that different (if they are not).
I've found the motors to have great access for a boat this size, the entire deck raises and can get to all sides. When I purchased this boat I removed all the crappy plastic thruhulls sealed the core with west epoxy and installed stainless and bronze thru hulls.

Contact Tiara Sovran Dealers, Brokers and Manufacturers directly and find a large selection of pontoon boats, aluminium boats, fishing boats , bass boats, speed boats and yachts for sale on Sacs Marine! The boat shows really well, cannot believe it is a 1988, she shines (even your bilge) and it is obvious that you have taken extremely good care of her (look at that running gear!).
And the layout is both fishing and family friendly; she appears to be turn-key ready to go.
I know a guy who recently sold his well-kept 29 Blackfin Combi with twin gassers for $13K, that's hard to believe. This boat did not have the tank issue that needed replacement and you can see the bottoms of the tanks unlike most boats.
I have sold three boats with Bob and if need be, I will sell my 4th with AEM when that time comes.

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