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Sutton Timber now produce the very best engineered flooring from native UK hardwoods, sourced from sustainable UK forests.
To make engineered flooring we take our solid board of 27mm and cut three sheets of 5.5mm veneer from it. The result is a clean, modern product which, if you have selected our Rustic or Character grade, has had all knots and cracks filled, sanded and sealed. David Glenn is the owner and operator of this Brisbane based boat repair and marine refit business. Advertisement for Botterill & Fraser caravans from the Melbourne Argus of 11 December 1948 (p 16):Notice the reference to 'boat caravans', whatever that may mean. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! Black Dog Timber is dedicated to supplying the timber that boat builders need but find so incredibly hard to get. We like to think that we know a bit about wooden boats, and are very keen to make the life of the builder and restorer easier in any way we can. We do try to preserve the bendy bits as well as the good straight stuff, so please give us a call or email and let us know what you need. If you are regularly building the same type of boat to a particular specification – or even if this one is a one-off - please send us your templates. The width of cut is up to 27” (which equates to milling a log about three feet in diameter without having to reduce or cleave it) and - with cunning - we can mill quite a reasonable bend. Traditionally, forging was performed by a smith using hammer and anvil, and though the use of water power in the production and working of iron dates to the 12th century, the hammer and anvil are not obsolete. In the case of hot-forging our new framing chisel-sets, a high-temperature furnace (sometimes referred to as the forge) is required to heat billets (round stock).

Our brand: Buffalo Tool Forge specializes in crafting traditional and newly designed hand-forged tools for timber framing, wood working, and log building. During the last 8 years, we have built a following among the timber trade, and are now processing nearly three tons of steel per year. Our tools are forged from a very special carbon tool steel. The tools are heat treated several times, and finished with a space-age tempering process which gives the edges additional service life. Despite their long-lasting edge, these steel tools are easy to hone despite their hardness of 59-60 Rockwell. Protect your investment with a high-quality, handcrafted leather guard made of saddle-grade leather which is stitched and riveted.
Although we can also produce engineered flooring from European hardwoods at competitive prices, the emphasis is to focus on our beautiful native species to create fabulous, unique flooring full of cats paws, wild grain and colour and still be assured of absolute stability even when fitted over underfloor heating.
This wonderful resource must be utilised and embraced rather than wasted or shipped half way round the world only to be sent back as cheap furniture. Each 5.5mm veneer is glued to best quality 12mm or 15mm exterior birch ply to produce a floorboard that looks identical to solid but has had any tension removed therefore providing stability and reliability.
We can supply as unfinished boards or if you prefer, we can prefinish in a variety of colours and oils. David has been working as a boat builder since 1978 when he commenced his apprenticeship with Hugh Morris, building pleasure vessels up to 50 foot and commercial boats up to 75 foot. The smithy or forge that were producing framing tools, in virtually every town, became obsolete in the late 19th century.
As a result, the grain is continuous throughout the part, giving rise to a work piece with improved strength characteristics.

This steel is especially tough and resilient, with a service life similar to that of a truck spring. They are not impossible to sharpen as they are not as hard and brittle, as Japanese chisels often are. Our old checkout still works, but as your browser will warn you, the security certificate has expired. The final product is very beautiful, quick and easy to lay with minimal disruption to your home. David Glenn Boat Builders have been operating at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly  since 1983. For private projects, we have options such as Pencil Round screening, which is highly versatile and can be used for a small-scale privacy screen, or to screen the entire side of a house.
These tools are ideally suited for the hard and soft woods of American and European timbers.
Our handles are turned from seasoned, dry hard wood: primarily American hickory, but also ash, oak, on custom or bespoke made to order.
We would be happy to take your order over the phone at 1-800-350-8176 OR e-mail your order at , including your phone number, and we will phone you for payment.
Our consultants can help advise you on the best product for your specific application to ensure you use the perfect timber screens product for your project.Contact Us for more information on how Cedar Sales timber screening products can be adapted to suit your project. The ferrule is cambered slightly to fit snugly just below the neck to hold the wood together under the blows of a mallet.

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