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BoatUS has released their annual list of the top ten boat names in the country, and as expected, there are a lot of familiar names, but not nearly as many puns as I expected (or should I say feared?). If you're having trouble deciding on what to name your next boat, you could do worse than the ones listed here. Anyway, you probably only care about the top 10 boat names, so here are the top ten from BoatU.S. The press release containing the full FirstBoat list and a little background on each boat name can be found on our "corporate" site's blog, Nautical Sites. Those three boat names are the only ones to appear on both lists, which derive their results from different sources.

Alternatively, you can head to BoatUS's website (located here) to get some ideas and even start designing how you want it to appear on your boat. Does that make "Serenity", "Black Pearl" and "Andiamo" the three most popular boat names overall?  What do you see around your dock?
To come up with their list, they scan the boat names that their customers order throughout the year when buying vinyl lettering. It also marks the name's tenth appearance on the list since BoatUS started issuing them back in 1992. Country music is my favorite genre of music and I enjoy listening to George Strait, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney.

This is not too different to how our friends at FirstBoat arrive at their top boat names, only FirstBoat uses data from multiple sources to achieve a more realistic view of the most popular boat names in the US. Of course, no personal data was shared with anybody, ever, as we're sure is the case with BoatU.S.

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