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This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. For parts or not working: An item that does not function as intended or is not fully operational.
By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. The TC100 is the smallest of the BIGMAX TC series cranes that is manufactured by one of the leading truck crane companies, Technocrane, Inc.
The crane has proportional controls for all functions including slewing, lifting and extension. With the boom in a horizontal position, the TC-100 will also lift in an overhead space of only 5.5 feet above the deck surface. These hydraulic truck mounted cranes have been an excellent choice for vans, aviaries, in tight mining spaces and for light delivery vehicles. For more information about the selection of in-stock cranes for sale in USA or Canada, call 1-877-531-8644, Ext. BIGMAX TC cranes are a family of compact and light weight small truck cranes introduced by crane manufacturer Technocrane Inc. For more information about these small but rugged truck cranes and outriggers, please call 1-877-531-8644, Ext. North American crane company, Technocrane Inc., has been a leading distributor of small truck cranes and hydraulic outrigger stabilizers to dealers, truck body specialists, OEM’s and other small business operators throughout the United States and Canada for many years. Within a short period of time, Bigmax was attracting inquiries for larger types and sizes of outrigger stabilizers to be used for a variety of other uses not related to the truck crane industry. As a result, Technocrane increased the in-stock models from 2 sizes to 9 sizes and began to stock locally a more complete range for sale to the Canadian and US markets.
What initially was a product which was carried to support crane sales, has evolved into one of Technocrane’s major BIGMAX product lines very quickly.
Special orders for different concepts can also be ordered or manufactured and delivered direct to the customer from the factory.
Here are some of the important details concerning the BIGMAX TC line of small truck cranes. The BIGMAX TC-200 crane has 3 optional hydraulic extensions and a heavy duty enclosed oil-bath rotation system. The BIGMAX TC-260 crane can be operated by oil flow from a central, usually PTO driven, hydraulic system.
Technocrane also produces there own brand of marine cranes and is a distributor of Amco Veba marine cranes.
BIGMAX Cranes, one of the leading truck crane manufacturers in North America, has announced the launch of a new line of marine cranes to be distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America.
BIGMAX telescopic cranes and Amco Veba articulated or knuckleboom marine cranes can now be ordered to assist with cargo handling or on workboats used in various industries from commercial fishing and coastal transportation, to towing and aquaculture. In addition, both the BIGMAX and the Amco Veba marine cranes have heavy duty lift cylinders similar to those used on large excavators. The larger Amco Veba articulated cranes have a longer reach, higher lift capacity and the benefit of additional boom articulation.
More detailed information can be found at the new marine crane website or by calling toll free to 1-877-531-8644 Ext.
Technocrane Inc., one of Canada’s major crane companies, now offers a reliable, versatile and affordable wireless remote control system suitable for small mono-boom and articulated cranes with low volume hydraulic systems. Wireless (radio) controls have been well accepted over the last 20 years on most large articulated cranes.
The few cranes that required radio controls had to be purchased with the equipment already installed at the factory with lead times of 90 to 120 days from Europe.  Radio controls could not be easily retrofitted to cranes in stock.
Also, we have modularized the design of BIGMAX cranes to allow us to add radio controls at our warehouse, rather than at the factory.
Wireless controls are available with 3 or 4 functions as direct replacements for the original control valve. Ann Svendsen, VP Marketing says, “We are geared up and ready to sell BIGMAX cranes with radio controls.
Additionally, BIGMAX cranes can be adapted for use in many different industries.  They can be operated as an electric crane (12VDC) or as a hydraulic crane from a PTO (power take off), making them extremely versatile.
If you are looking for a truck with crane, there are some details about the crane that you should consider before choosing. All this began to change in the 1970’s and 80’s when hydraulics were integrated into articulated cranes in Europe. Today, more sophisticated and rugged small cranes are produced by the major knuckleboom crane companies as well as by several smaller companies. Following are the many features found in the BIGMAX range of electric or hydraulic cranes as well as the larger, more expensive industrial cranes.
As the crane industry matures, many of the large international crane manufacturers are intensifying their focus on heavy duty truck cranes and reducing the number of small cranes in their line-up.  This has allowed several strong new brands of small cranes to emerge and fill this niche in the crane market.

Hiab, for example, is the largest of crane manufacturers in the world and is well known for their mid to large size boom crane including wall board and other specialty cranes.
Technocrane Inc., on the other hand, has developed the small crane market in the United States and Canada and is today one of Canada’s primary distributors of small truck mounted cranes. Using this knowledge, the company developed its own brand of BIGMAX small truck mounted cranes.
BIGMAX small truck cranes have many design features and advantages compared with other cranes manufactured by the ‘big five’ crane companies.  For example, BIGMAX TC Series telescopic cranes have the longest hydraulic reach. To avoid such issues all BIGMAX cranes are built with steel slewing gear enclosures – fabricated steel in the case of the TC100, and cast steel in all other models with the gears running in an oil bath.
Call 1-877-531-8644 for more information about this leader in the small truck crane market. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount.
This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use. All of the models have proportional controls to ensure safe movement and precise placement of heavy objects.
They were initially an option to support the operation of the smaller BIGMAX hydraulic cranes but were only available in two models which were designed mainly for cranes under 20,000 ft lb rating.  The introduction of these first 2 models established Technocrane as a competitive supplier of outrigger stabilizers. The BIGMAX TC-300 has proven itself to be a good option for many service body applications.
This feature makes it easy for body builders to plan for the installation of a compact BIGMAX crane. The BIGMAX mono-boom telescopic cranes are smaller and less expensive, while still offering the features that make them suitable for harsh marine weather and exposure to corrosive ocean conditions. Slobogean notes, “Generally using a conventional truck crane for a marine application is not the best solution for several reasons.  The control valve assembly will have to be raised and relocated and the hoses will need to be lengthened because a truck crane is designed to be mounted on a truck frame. Slobogean has also advised that corrosion proofing on regular truck cranes is not sufficient. Small cranes have a shorter boom and therefore the load hook is usually less than 15 feet from the operator on the ground. Todd Slobogean, CEO of Technocrane says, “Hectronic has improved the design of their controls. The Hetronic hand held transmitter is available with 4 functions with or without additional PMW toggle switches for other non crane functions.
It includes man-sized emergency, manual over-ride levers to allow the crane to be operated manually in the event of an electrical problem, or if the transmitter is lost or broken. Since BIGMAX electric cranes come with their own battery operated power pack, no separate and often costly PTO hydraulic system is required. For information about a crane for sale to suit your needs, contact Technocrane at 1-877-531-8644 (ext. The term ‘small crane’ has, until recently, meant rudimentary lift equipment – often home-built. About thirty years ago, a small hydraulic truck crane, often referred to as a small ‘hiab’,  made its appearance.
This feature gives the operator full control of the load and enables the crane to be rotated safely in both directions under power. Unlike most small cranes that have a davit type, fixed boom, BIGMAX cranes have an articulating boom that is raised and lowered by the controlled flow of hydraulic oil in and out of the lift cylinder. This important feature enables the operator to position the load on the deck after it has been lifted. An additional control valve section is included with all TC series BIGMAX cranes to operate the outrigger stabilizers or another additional hydraulic function to maximize the utility of the crane.
Focusing on the larger and specialized segment of the market, Hiab has reduced its range of small cranes to only 4 models in Canada. Today, the BIGMAX brand of hydraulic truck cranes includes more than 20 models of smaller cranes. The small Hiab cranes, including the Hiab 033T, has a maximum of 3 hydraulic extensions reaching only 15.7 ft. The main deficiency of Maxi-lift cranes, for example, is the vulnerable and poorly protected rotation system, most profound in the 160 and smaller sizes. 200 and up) are somewhat more protected inside a fabricated enclosure with a rubber cover, this design allows the outside of the rubber hat to lift at road speeds creating an opening through which sand, salt and other road debris can enter and cause the slewing system to fail prematurely.
This design is proving to be much more reliable and enables Technocrane to offer a 2 year warranty on all their BIGMAX cranes for sale.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
This makes it possible to mount the crane in the doorway of a van and swing a load through the doorway.
While initially sold as a general purpose crane for material handling, a wide variety of applications were soon found for this rugged and versatile line of small hydraulic cranes. They are available in hydraulic (PTO) or 12 V DC electric models and are suitable for mounting on 10 to 18,000 GVW trucks.

While initially sold as a general purpose crane for material handling equipment, a wide variety of applications were soon found for this rugged and versatile line of small hydraulic cranes.
For situations where there is no available oil flow or PTO, or, for more intermittent applications, BIGMAX DC Electric power packs are an economical option. Standard industrial paint and piston rod chroming that is adequate for truck cranes quickly deteriorates when exposed to a corrosive marine environment.
In addition, BIGMAX cranes currently in service with manual controls can now be economically retrofitted with wireless controls. Whereas, low cost controls, of garage door opener quality, for example, were not a reliable and safe option.
The advantage of a PTO operated crane is that they provide a longer duty cycle while electric cranes are only suitable for intermittent use. The typical small hydraulic crane or hoist consisted of a hydraulic jack mounted under a hinged steel arm with a hook on the end. Of the various small cranes available today, Technocrane’s BIGMAX TC series crane line offers the broadest range of models with the most advanced features available anywhere. This feature eliminates the risk of a crane slewing out of control causing injury to the operator and damaging the load.
Small truck cranes without this feature still require the operator to manually move the load around on the deck, potentially exposing the operator to the same back injury that could result from lifting the load onto the deck without a crane. The valve effectively monitors the load being lifted by the crane.  In contrast, because most small non-hydraulic cranes will lift until they stall, without any reliable load monitoring, they are vulnerable to overloading, lack of load control, structural failure and tipping the carrier chassis. The company specializes in bringing small cranes to market, providing superior service for buyers of small, compact cranes for use on boom trucks.
Instead of being enclosed and protected from the elements, the slewing gear mechanism on Maxi-lift cranes is shielded by a fragile plastic cover that can break in transit from the manufacturer in Europe. The same design, perhaps because of its low cost, is still used by Maxilift in today’s production.
Ok, She is a rich yachtsman's Dream and honored Replica, yet I wager to say that she could very well be that "first" Catalyst to re-program our land-based Minds & Hearts to think and feel for the "0"-Emissions Attitude that could very well bring about the Re-Newed Golden (Platinum) Age of Sail.
This extraordinary lift to weight ratio is at least partly due to the the TC-160 boom which is fabricated from high tensile fine grained steel with a hexagonal cross-section to maximize strength and minimize weight.
The square bolt pattern makes it possible to locate the crane base in any one of 4 positions during installation. Furthermore, the slewing systems are not robust or powerful enough to rotate the crane mounted on an unstable floating vessel.
They got to know the qualities as well as the deficiencies of Maxilift and other small cranes . By comparison, the BIGMAX TC350 has 4 hydraulic extensions with a side reach of 19’5”, or 24% greater. Another great feature of the TC-160 is that the mounting base of the crane (which takes up less than 1 sq ft of mounting space), can be placed almost anywhere on the body. For safety, ease of installation and operating convenience, an in-cab power switch is included with each DC operated crane. In contrast, winch equipped cranes require the activation of two functions, boom up-down and winch spooling. Standard features include a flange mounted counterbalance valve on the main lift cylinder and sequenced boom extensions. Body builders or installers can also change the base position later for operator convenience or to easily relocate the slewing stop location. This maximizes convenience and safety!  The remote control assembly which is supplied connected but not mounted can then be installed in the best location near the crane base. If a component fails during this testing period, the component is redesigned and the test starts again. To ensure safe operation, the power switch must be engaged before the crane can be operated.
Options include a variety of hydraulic stabilizers, a crane base for mounting the crane to the truck chassis and winch.
This makes it possible to mount the crane in the doorway of a van and swing a load thru the doorway.
This process is repeated until the 15 year equivalent test cycle is complete without a problem, and only then does the crane go into production.
For the few lifting operations, such as lifting a load close to the crane and lowering it into a manhole, an optional boom-mounted winch is available for all BIGMAX cranes. As a result, these small service truck cranes were often unsafe, clumsy, and difficult to operate, weighed a lot and interfered with cargo space because they did not stow when not in use. With the boom in a horizontal position, the TC100 will also lift in an overhead space of only 5.5 feet above the deck surface.
Technocrane is so confident that BIGMAX cranes are reliable, each crane is delivered with a 2 year limited warranty. Could the Ed Kastelein modern racing-schooner-yacht "Atlantic" be that "First" modern-Clipper-attitude!?!

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