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Call Boat Angel (602) 903-4449 Welcome to a Boat Angel listing, the boat listed below has been donated to our charity boatangel org; the donor has provided us information and recent photographs. PONTOON BOAT ~ INCLUDING2007 NATIONWIDE TRAILER ~ 2007 YAMAHA 60 HORSEPOWER MOTOR ~ 2013 MINI KOTA RIPTIDE 80 THRUST 24 VOLT (SALT WATER) TROLLING MOTOR WITH REMOTE CONTROL ~ 2 -AUTO PILOT TRAC BIG WATER 45 LB'S ELECTRIC ANCHORS FOR SALT WATER (ONE IN THE FRONT AND ONE IN THE BACK) DEPTH FINDER AND 3 DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES AND ONE STARTER BATTERY PLUS A LOT MORE!!

All statements below were provided by the donor and are under no guarantee unless otherwise stated.

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