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1981 16' Mitchell Skiff, flat bottom, great lines, heavy built, running lights, large fuel filter, auto bilge pump, deep cycle battery. There are many things you will have to consider if you decide to go for the used houseboats for sale.
You can hire a boat mechanic to look at the boat before you buy it so that they identify all the bad areas that need your attention. You can purchase the houseboat from a boat dealership company, through a boat broker or directly from the owner. Boat brokers are also conversant with the prevailing prices of boats in the markets they operate in. Join thousands of others who are searching for and browsing Jon Boats ads with our online system.
You can enjoy a summer family vacation on a houseboat or host some friends for a party out in the water.

Of course the new ones cost a lot more, but being new means they are in perfect working condition.
Some of the things you should be keen on include; the performance of the engine, size of the boat, its seaworthiness and overall general condition. Look out for cracks, leaks and weak areas that may cause a problem later and add you more expenses. A boat broker can negotiate on your behalf so that you get a good boat at a very affordable price. We would ask the serious buyers visually inspect the boat and have a demonstration of the features and capabilities of this unique boat.
Many people are looking for new or used houseboats for sale so that they can enjoy the convenience that comes with owning one.
With the used houseboats for sale, you still stand a good chance of getting a vessel that is in good working condition if you search well.

A houseboat that has been under good care should not have mildew, algae or rotting floorboards. He will help you identify the kind of houseboat that you want and help you with the inspection to ensure that it is in good working condition. What’s more, the boat broker will handle all the legal and paper work on your behalf. If you only plan to spend time there with your family or a few friends, a small houseboat 50 feet long will comfortably accommodate 6 people. If you plan to entertain larger groups on your houseboat, it will have to be much larger; more than 60 feet long.

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