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Very nice fishing boat i purchased new in 2004 and it has been very well kept and is in excellent condition. Homer in the Heliad described the first known organized navy, where 1186 ships floated to Troy. Some indications show that Greek ships had gone as far as England to buy metals that were hard to find in Greece. Today Greeks are following the traditions and have many more ships than someone would expect, considering the size of Greece. Join thousands of others who are searching for and browsing Fishing Boats ads with our online system.

It was almost 40 metres long and required almost 150 men power to pull the oars and almost 50 more for other needs.
As the myth tells, there were two such towers to guide the ships to the passage of Gibraltar. The tyrant of Syracuse Dionisios The Senior had ordered the improvement of the catapults that were available until then and managed to achieve superiority in the Mediterranean Sea in his period. But they could travel at least from the Greek islands to Cyprus to carry copper and bronze since 3000 B.C. He had constructed specially navigated ships that specialized in carrying catapults as war ships!

The earth tectonic plates of Asia and Africa are moving towards Europe and the connection point is Greece, so a lot of earthquakes gave the country many corners in geographical shapes.

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