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Think about your eating patterns – you most likely eat the most when you wake up and at the end of your day. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has regulations regarding the minimum size limit a fish must be if you want to keep it.
During the summer months, fish tend to move to the deeper water in the middle of the lake to beat the intense heat. Our marina store also has fishing gear to ensure you have everything you need before heading out.

That means during the early spring and fall months, they will be located a little closer to shore in the shallow water. Fish will be on the hunt for food around one hour before and after sunrise and one hour before and after sunset. If it is a very windy day or if a water skier recently zoomed through this area, the water will be more turbulent. If you have any questions or you would like to reserve your boat rental, please call Westport Marina at 704-483-5172.

Of course, it will still be possible to catch a fish snacking in the middle of the day, so don’t give up! Knowing their swimming patterns and tendencies can be the difference between coming back with a prize catch or docking empty-handed.

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