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Ed's Marine is a marine dealer located near Lake Park, Minnesota near Cormorant Village, Minnesota. Legend Boats, headquartered in Whitefish, Ontario (near Sudbury), describes its 2015 Splash series of four pontoon boats as, “Simple, affordable fun. The Splash and its upgraded sister Splash Plus, subject of this review, are the smallest of eighteen models of pontoon boats up to twenty-six feet in five series offered by Legend for 2015. The Splash Plus, with its eight foot beam, offers essentially a similar interior layout and amenities as larger pontoon boats but simply on a smaller scale. All seating and backrests are well padded and the starboard bow lounge also has a padded backrest on the forward face of the driver’s helm to facilitate lounging.
All furniture is of composite construction with Legend’s Ultra-Flow ventilation feature and all furniture has hinged-lid storage under the seat bottoms. The Splash Plus rides on twin 23-inch diameter .080 gauge pontoons each with three separate internal pressurized sections and full-length V-keels. Other notable standard equipment on the Splash Plus includes a bimini top and boarding ladder. Location: Thailand The larger stock I could not get up on barge because they are in deeper water also they had given up trying and stayed motionless so I went back to land and found some old stock crates and gas cut up to extend my ramps also drilling holes so water could sink the ramps.
The stock would still not move and I spent hours in the water pushing with a twist of the tail to get some life to move them which after time one step forward then another and after midnight finally got each one aboard.
Originally Posted by rwatson I would love to buy properly engineered plans for a 'MyArk' I have changed the designs and will need a prototype to test to make sure all is well. Location: Arlington, WA-USA that is a great invention, it could have lots of uses, including car camping and island hoping.
Originally Posted by Petros that is a great invention, it could have lots of uses, including car camping and island hoping.
When it?s in water the wheels float off and are fished out of the inserts and storage boxes go in where the wheels where to seal the bottoms so no drag when planning. It is manually unfolded with a 5 to 1 boat winch or can have a battery remote control winch.
Location: Milwaukee, WI Where will you guys use your boats if the world ended??? Location: Thailand If the world water level should rise 50 meters then most people would not have a boat so an affordable solution better than drowning or not able to travel across water to find dry land is a Myark box trailer used as a small float which can be amphibious if the trailer is light enough to be able to be towed by a motor bike as light as the 100cc Honda scooter or can be man handled because it has wheels.

This allows travelling from one place that is flooding to dryer land and still having transport to carry food and shelter, an alternative is to have an electric motor bike with solar panels to recharge batteries if gas is a shortage. My new design Myark GR5 titanium torsions suspension with its grease nipple tucked away from harm’s way in the back axle works well on the trailer with heavy load trials on land and axles water proof in deep water conditions.
Each complete rubber cord torsions suspension with axle’s hubs bearings and studs and bolts weigh 5 kg each side. The greasing system allows the grease to fully pack so no water can get into bearings also the DIY replaceable rubber cords is easy to replace allowing the rubber cords to keep up with the life time of the titanium. Above is a link to youtube of a movie I made on Lake Waikaremoana with my dog Flash and a Jayco camervan on top of a Myark folding trailer barge. El_Guero Previous Member   Where in the world is there 900 feet of ice above land to raise the water level maybe 2 feet world wide? Location: Thailand Myark amphibious folding trailer barge can be also be used as a shelter during a flood. Smaller Myark tows open or shut also has four sealed hatches in deck to store equipment,The outboard motor goes inside outboard well when folded.
Originally Posted by El_Guero Where in the world is there 900 feet of ice above land to raise the water level maybe 2 feet world wide?
The thickness of the ice cap in Greenland is dependent on the surface temperature, depth of snow cover, and amount of heat flux from the water below. It is estimated that Antarctica, if fully melted, would contribute more than 60 metres of sea level rise, and Greenland would contribute more than 7 metres. Maybe it would be a good idea to try and keep the Greenland and Antarctic icecaps frozen, no? Our USCG Inspected passenger vessels are inspected as high-speed catamarans, not to the lower standards of pontoon boat ratings. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Ed's Marine is a full service dealer of Palm Beach pontoons, Daka Docks, Yamaha outboards and Mercury outboards.
Including these eighteen pontoon boat models, Legend offers a total of forty-two models of full windshield (dual console) and side console riveted and welded aluminum fishing boats plus utility boats. For example, there are three entry gates; centre bow, portside, plus at the starboard stern.

Between these two bow lounges is a floor-mounted removable woodgrain table with integrated drink holders. Notable optional features include a Legend Glide-On pontoon trailer, a ¾ enclosure which consists of slanted fore and aft curtains plus side curtains providing all-round visibility and protection, a stainless steel Napoleon marine grill, and even a mooring package and a safety package. This allows our vessels to perform in protected waters but also go beyond the waters of lakes, bays, rivers, and other protected water restrictions.
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Located in the heart of the lakes country, Ed's Marine is just fifteen minutes west of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and thirty minutes east of Fargo, North Dakota.
There are port and starboard bow lounges with rounded forward corners albeit the portside lounge is a single seater and the starboard lounge a two seater. Aft of the portside entry gate is an L-shaped lounge which extends back and across the transom ahead of the motor well and over to the stern entry gate. Several optional upgrading Mercury® power choices are available up to the rated maximum horsepower of 60.
All inspected vessels come with documentation from our naval architect and approved by the U.S. All boats are built to be used in and around a saltwater environment and for daily use in commercial applications. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Ed's Marine also offers full service marine equipment repair and maintenance to include boat motors, boats, pontoons and jet skis. Behind this lounge and extending over the motor well is a raised single-width hinged sunpad with lots of additional storage below including a dedicated central spot for the portable gas tank.
Take advantage of our convenient storage locations to store your marine equipment for the winter.

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