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Paddle Qwest is the unique blend of pontoon-style amenities with a riverboat paddlewheel drive.
Remarkable in quality and comfort, the Qwest LS Series is the world’s most luxurious compact pontoon boat. Designed for ultimate comfort, Paddle Qwest is easy to use and offers a health-focused alternative to enjoying time with family and friends.

With plush upholstery, dynamic graphics and innovative design the LS is ideal for those that desire high end in a smaller, more maneuverable and easy to trailer pontoon boat. On board, you'll enjoy luxurious upholstered seating, constructed of multi-density foams and superior, fast drying vinyls. The broad 19-inch diameter pontoons offer stability, and a large deck provides plenty of room for guests and gear.

Operation is smooth by design with an easy-maneuver stick steering system, and navigation lighting and deluxe stereo sound as add-on options.

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