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Older Ship ModelsIt’s taken me a week to get the pictures of some of my older models.
Brilliant idea with the glue an wood dust technique, I bet that made it a heck of a lot easier to contour those details onto the curved surfaces. To SenseiFetter: Funny enough, I actually thought about doing a mold of this for casting copies, but I don't know if I'm willing to risk ruining the polyurethane finish by spraying the mold release onto it. This early version of the USS Enterprise (CV-6) model ship is available in a limited quantity!
The USS Enterprise was launched on 3 October 1936 at Newport News Shipbuilding, sponsored by Lulie Swanson, wife of Secretary of the Navy Claude A. To build this ship, extensive research was done using various sources such as museums, drawings and copies of original plans.
At the launch of ENTERPRISE on September 24, 1960, the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was the mightiest warship to ever sail the seas. I built a 36 inch wooden model of the old school Starship Enterprise, made of maple, black walnut, padauk, osage orange, ebony, and yellow heart.
Would it be rude to ask if there's any chance you could take a picture with better lighting to really show this off? Launched in 1936, she was a ship of the Yorktown class, and one of only three American carriers commissioned prior to World War II to survive the war (the others being Saratoga and Ranger).

Though the forces were in contact until 7 June, by the end of the day on 4 June the outcome had been decided.
I don't know what the technical name for that technique is but it's used in electric guitars a lot.
She participated in more major actions of the war against Japan than did any other US ship. Some have labeled her the most glorious and honored ship in the history of the United States Navy, rivaled only perhaps by the 18th century frigate USS Constitution.
The Battle of Midway began on the morning of 4 June 1942, when four Japanese carriers, unaware of the presence of U.S. It is also the tallest (250 feet) and fastest (30+ nautical miles per hour) carrier in the fleet. After her return, she operated along the east coast and in the Caribbean until April 1939, when she was ordered to duty in the Pacific.
These actions included the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, various other air-sea engagements during the Guadalcanal campaign, the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
After executing, with Hornet, a feint towards Nauru and Banaba (Ocean) islands which caused the Japanese to cancel their operation to seize the two islands, Enterprise returned to Pearl Harbor on 26 May, and began intensive preparation to meet the expected Japanese thrust at Midway Island.
She was built with a distinctive square island supporting phased-array radars and a complex EW system.

Now, I'm considering turning this into a 3-piece adversary set (just like the old model set) with scaled Romulan Bird of Prey and Klingon Battle Cruiser to match. Aviation facilities include four deck edge lifts, two forward and one each side abaft the island. Enterprise launched a failed attack using torpedo bombers, then soon after Enterprise dive bombers attacked and sank the Japanese carriers Kaga and Akagi. Yorktown and Hammann were the only American ships sunk, but TF 16 and TF 17 lost a total of 113 planes, 61 of them in combat, during the battle.
Despite losses to her aircraft squadrons, Enterprise came through undamaged and returned to Pearl Harbor on 13 June 1942.
During the latter deployment, on May 13, the world's first nuclear-powered task force was formed when USS Long Beach and USS Bainbridge joined Enterprise. On July 31, the ships were designated Task Force One and sent on Operation Sea Orbit, a historic 30,565-mile voyage around the world, accomplished without a single refueling or replenishment.

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