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Personally I vastly prefer centerboards, daggerboards or leeboards to the small fixed keel that the Weekender uses -- but haven't sailed either the Hartley or Weekend so can't speak to the comparison. I find the internal Wooden Boat Forum search engine to be pretty limited, as it doesn't seem to allow Boolean searches. Paul, I was going to build the Vacationer and decided against it in favor of a real sail boat approximately the same size and has the ability to be trailered and stored in a garage. As you see the keel is very conventional, mine will have a slightly shallower keel (shoal keel) approx.
The way I understand it - that's not really the boat you're building, but a somewhat similar, previous design?
I've never seen any of the Hartley Trailer Sailers, but from the reputation and from looking at the drawings, they seem to be a much more serious boat. When I started to question the design of the boat and possible modifications that some had felt the need to make on the Vacationeer, I just decided to not even bother and to get a real set of plans and build a boat the way I am use to and that is bead and cove strips and epoxy and fiberglass. Hartleys though are proper sailing dinghies (and bigger,) with a different design philosophy. By the way, I knew an adult couple who cruised in a TS14 -- there was just room in the cabin for a berth down each side, and cooking (and just about everything else) was done in the cockpit under an awning.

Here is a link to Talking Points TS16 Association of SA which contains an article on building a TS16. I hope that I can be of some help to you, I have built and currently own a weekender that I have removed the cabin because the cotpit was to small and made it an open boat. And I should have added, Paul, that if your home waters will be the lakes here, a Stevenson should be fine. Thanks Again for all your valuable help I think all things concidered, as I'm not planning a build at this stage & I do plan to go to the salt water ocasionally that I'll start looking for a Hartley. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I personally would have nothing to do with a Weekender and consider the Hartley boats to be vastly superior.
I'm not saying you'd want to take a TS14 from Melbourne to Launceston necessarily, but if you tried you'd have a reasonable chance of getting there.
I shouldn't say that they aren't capsizeable because anything is ultimately, but you'd have a hard time doing so in weather that you'd be sailing in for pleasure. I found places that mentioned the story but nothing that contained the name of the boat or the crew.

I have a mate who has one, and he still uses his a fair bit, but it seems that most folks grow out of them pretty quickly. But It's a great day outside today pitty its mainenance time, painted the mast yesterday with kill rust epoxy paint. I suppose they look 'salty' enough with their faux clipper bows and all, and I know a couple of Forumites have them and love them.
In a Vacationer or a Weekender there's a very good chance you wouldn't even get through the Rip, never mind across Bass Strait. But they're essentially skiffs-with-lids, and they rely entirely on their initial stability to stop them capsizing -- if you tip them too far you're upside-down with no way that I know of righting them.
Also, on Mike's comment re sailing to Launceston, I have bumped into people in very far flung places cruising on TS16's twice, one couple up in Indonesia somewhere (who had supposedly sailed it from Darwin??) and a French guy over in Turkey who had been living on his for over a year when I saw him in Kos.

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