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For news on Veada, boat seat product updates, and information about special promotions, please enter your e-mail address below. Additional custom colors for Deluxe Lo Back FS501 Fishing Boat Seat Tempress by Veada available upon request. Additional custom colors for Radius Corner Boat Seat FR08 Freedom 28 inch available upon request. Just to let you know that my seats arrived, everyone thinks they look great, and i'm waiting for some decent weather so i can install them.
A day on the water with you, your line and tackle, and your new Economy Fold Down Fishing Seat and Bass Boat Seats from Veada has never been better. Assembled with attention to detail, your fold down boat seat is built with long lasting stainless steel staples, pressure-treated plywood, OEM grade foam, quality marine vinyl, and bass boat seat hinges. Giving other bass boat seats a run for their money, a personalization of your custom boat seat colors with Veada's Economy Fold Down Boat Seats will give a unique look to your boat.
Additional custom colors for Pontoon Boat Seat P202 Deluxe P202 46 Inch available upon request.
Personalize your custom pontoon boat seats with Veada's Deluxe Pontoon Boat Seats.& Forget about keeping your pontoon boat at the boat dock and spend a day on the lake with your new pontoon boat seats!
Funny that i received a message from you as i just got back from the lakehouse and getting the pontoon ready for summer. Additional custom colors for Reclining 1000 Helm Seat with Self Leveling Arms available upon request. The HS1000 Helm Seat is built to provide ergonomic comfort, exceptional styling, and ultimate body support.
Built with the finest quality marine materials, these materials crafted together create and exceptional level of comfort and durability that will easily provide you with outstanding seating for years to come. For the ultimate in comfort, durability, and impeccable styling upgrade your boat with this accessory packed, HS1000 Helm Seat. I had surgery on my neck a couple of years ago and since then, I have not been able to hold my neck up for more than a few hours without having to recline and rest it. A few weeks ago, I decided that if I was going to buy it, I should just buy it now and try to fit it in the old boat and maybe make the river trip this year. The seat looks great and will match my bass seats perfectly, but more importantly because of your excellent customer service and great product, I was able to go on a fishing trip with my son and father-in-law (3 generations), that was just a pipe dream a few weeks ago.
I am sending a couple of pictures so that 1) you can see what your seat looks like in an old fishing boat and 2) so you can see the smile on my son's face by making this trip.
Custom design your new jump seat by selecting three colors to perfectly match your boat interior and then decide on your preference in the base box height. The new seats that was purchased through Veada is better then I thought and pitched, I am so happy with the quality and workmen ship, also very happy it is AMERICAN MADE. Additional custom colors for Pontoon Boat Seat FR02 Freedom 26 inch available upon request.
Comfortable and clean lined pontoon boat seats are sure to give the relaxed pontoon boating experience desired by all boaters.
We bought a used pontoon boat, stripped it down, and purchased a whole set of boat seats from veada.

We received our pontoon boat seats as promised, opened the boxes to see that everything was there, and they are beautiful!
Additional custom colors for Pontoon Bench Seat RE05 Regatta 55 inch available upon request. We are very pleased with our order of two pontoon seats that we are actually using as kitchen banquette seats. Additional custom colors for Swingback Boat Seat SH17 Flip Flop Seat available upon request.
Additional custom colors for Radius Corner Boat Seat RE10 Regatta 28 inch available upon request.
I wish i could show you a picture of your product on the pontoon-i made sure i ordered the seats before the seasonal rush-backlog.the seats are amazing. It has a high fatigue strength and is a good choice for structures subjected to excessive vibration. For the most part everything looks great and i will forward pics as soon as i can get them uploaded. All seats and carpet and bimini top and red marine vinyl for the front of helm and back motor and gas tank cover were bought from Veada. The helm seat also is an adjustable chair design, allowing you to recline the back or place it your most comfortable angle! The HS1000 is built around a metal frame, with a foam pack seat pan and body designed to provide exceptional body support and durability. We have not used the reclining helm seat yet as the pontoon is out of the water at this time. The helm chair came with a plastic panel that appears to be part of the bottom of the chair. My husband is 6'3" tall and the stock captains chair that came with our pontoon boat was too short in height and the back of the chair was too short. The colors match our boat perfectly, and they are really comfortable, thanks again for a great product! I have a 21' bay boat with a leaning post and my wife complained each time i took the family out about the lack of boat seats.
Let your pontoon boat seats help you enjoy the quietness and tranquility of the lake with Veada boat seats. We have not yet installed them in our boat due to the fact that we are restoring the boat and it’s not quite ready yet.
The pontoon looks like a brand new $20,000.00 pontoon, the staff there did a great job assisting me with picking out the colors. I cheated and didn't use the ordered bass seat hinges, since I needed as much clearance as possible at the helm. The order arrived exactly when promised, and we were able to install them quickly with the existing hardware. My neighbors think I bought a new boat and are amazed when I tell them its the same boat with all new furniture and bimini top. We are planning to install the seats in the next week or two, and will gladly send you a couple of photos.

Except it does not fit the bottom of the chair you sent me, consequently i have had to install the seat without the cover which would definitely enhance the appearance, did you send me the wrong one? Having a fishing boat without all the frills and fluff of a pleasure boat, i wanted a boat seat that would fit into my boat and look like it belonged.
Great value and quality, the Freedom boat seats will have you on the lake in no time with new boat seats and pontoon furniture. With Freedom boat seats, your pontoon boat furniture will make your pontoon look as new as the day you got it!
Your satisfaction of our corner pontoon furniture, pontoon boat seats and pontoon boat furniture is guaranteed! However i do have a small problem as the wedge that we received is got about a inch separation in the seam.As i don't know much about upholstry i am not sure of how to fix this and i must say i am a little concerned that this has happened but with my luck i have come to expect little problems. We considered having the original seats recovered, but i am so glad that we decided to replace them instead! The delivery truck dropped the well-protected and packaged boxes right beside the boat and the rest was me and an electric screwdriver for a few hours!! Another boat owner stopped by to check it out and is now ordering a chair from Veada right now as we speak. The quality of the material and workmanship is top quality, and was beyond our greatest expectations.
We are putting vinyl proctectant on the seats before installing them to help guard against the elements.
It will probably be at least a month before they are in place and we will let you know then.
If you could let me know what i need to do to take care of this i would appreciate it, and i will be forwarding those pics.
Freedom pontoon boat seats are constructed with marine grade plywood, stainless steel staples, OEM marine grade foam and top quality 29-34 oz marine vinyl making your days on the lake with your boat seats sure to be filled with recreational enjoyment. I didn't even think that the group was leaving at 5:00 am on the 18th, so if I was to go, it would have actually had to be here on the 17th. Just a note; The arm rest on the chair could go up an inch or two for better comfort and stability in rough weather.
After looking at the seat and base measurements, i determined that i could place one jump seat each on either side of my leaning post seat, up against the aft storage compartments.I also like the fact that i could custom order the marine vinyl colors i wanted. Aluminum hinges fasten the boat seat cushion to the bases of the Freedom pontoon boat seats and the pontoon seat cushion hinges up easily for access to boat storage within your boat seats.
I had already pretty much decided that I wouldn't be able to go because the seat wouldn't be here in time, but when I tracked it, I was able to pick it up from the FX terminal on the morning of the 17th. Prevent mold and mildew with the installed vent in the pontoon boat seat's base to allow for fresh air circulation through the Freedom boat seats.

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