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This beginner kit is a good choice for everyone who is new in ship model building.A plank on frame hull construction, building plans with general details, English instructions, walnut or lime planking doweling for masts, spars and oars, full set of detailed brass shields and sailcloth.
You can browse all available photographs by clicking on the model picture at the top of the page. Amati Viking Longboat Kit Wooden Model Boat Kit - available from Hobbies, the UK's favourite online hobby store! Mantua Models Viking Long Boat Kit - available from Hobbies, the UK's favourite online hobby store! This would be a good choice for a beginner plank on frame ship modeller and with care he will achieve a fine display model. With its dragon figurehead, the drakkar could be of a remarkable length, some up to 48 metres. This ship model come's to you straight from the builder and is fully assembled, however you must stand the mast which can be done in less than five minutes! Comes molded in 2 colors, includes 32 Viking figures, vinyl sail, colorful decals, display stand with nameplate, and detailed instructions.

They are high quality acrylic based paints that can be thinned with water, thinner or alcohol.
Clinker built and protected by high gunnels, the drakkar had to be light and extremely manoeuvrable. Wooden mast and yard, sailcloth, cotton rigging line, resin and hardwood fittings, plus authentic figurehead allow you to outfit your model just like the original. The colors contained in each paint set are based on the colors shown in the picture of the model.
The snarling ornament on the bow and the blood red sails cast fear into the hearts of the towns and countries they pillaged. The ship was first housed beside the Field Columbian Museum in Chicago, then restored in 1920 and placed in Lincoln Park under a fenced-in, wooden shelter.
The committee invested a portion of its money into obtaining blueprints and architectural plans for several possible locations. At different times the committee was close to placing the "Viking" in its own museum, at one time on Chicago 's museum campus, and at another time on Navy Pier.

The American Scandinavian Council offered to commit funds to clean, move and store the "Viking". In 1994 the Chicago Park District "sold" the ship to the American Scandinavian Council which assumed the obligation to display, repair and perpetually care for the ship. Afterwards it was moved to Good Templar Park in Geneva, Illinois and secured under a canopy. This canopy has been replaced several times by a generous donor (most recently in the winter of 2006). The dragon "head" and "tail" of the Viking ship remain in storage at the Museum of Science and Industry.
The "Viking" should be valued for the fine ship she is and placed into a museum for the public to admire.

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