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The flywheel is the factory service flywheel which was used on the pumper and the Speedifour, but, Pumpers used a water outlet in a different location. He said that his dad John Desilva actually worked once in a while at the boat shop where these were made. I would say Ralph was pretty accurate as this F-motor sure isn't set up for racing nor is the boat but very cool.

In 1932 this boat was called a racing runabout,In the real runabout outboard edition by bob speltz century had a boat very similar for 1932 called the whirlwind racing runabout they advertised it was built to handle motors from c to f with speeds to 50 mph,factory racing motors of the time could be very expensive, a 4-60 was about the same price of an automobile, very hard for your average guy to afford that just wanted to go racing. Ron and russ Hill should have some history on this boat as they live out there and raced for ever.

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