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It took me several days to clean all the parts, change the spark plug and get all the movable parts loosened, but today I wrapped a rope around the flywheel and it cranked up on the second pull.
Thanks for the input so far, even though no one was able to tell me much about my dinghy, that fact by itself told me that it was probably just an innovative custom design and nothing well known which is kind of what I wanted to know.
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This dinghy, like I said, is made in 2 parts, and has a joint in the middle where the 2 pieces bolt together.
The propeller wasn't engaged though and after closer inspection I found the main spring had a piece broken off.
Here's a link to a Google image search showing photos of a lot of them, 1 in 3 parts and 1 even in 4 parts. I do think the dinghy is older than the motor 1967 because there are mounting marks on the back of the dinghy, where the original motor mounted, that doesn't match the Seagull that came with the dinghy. This Seagull had "FPL 317 K7" on it which I've learned means "Forty Plus Long Shaft" and was manufactured on October 7th in 1967.
Good that it works.I mentioned earlier that the marks on the dinghy didn't match with the motor mounts, but I forgot that there would be a rudder mounted somewhere there as well.
I'm ready to sand the dinghy down, and do the hole patching, and other deteriorated wood replacements.
I worked on it a little today, and the fuel was left in the tank for years and years, and smelled like turpentine, so I guess I will probably have to take everything apart and clean it, fun.

The Dinghy is made of thin mahogany faced plywood, a little thicker than luan, but not much.
It has great lines and is probably from the 1940's 0r 50's, is made of plywood with solid wood trim and fine bronze fittings.
I got most of the paint sanded off of the bow piece and all the fiberglass off of the entire outside on the dinghy. Anyway, since the dinghy will be fiberglassed and painted and the patches will be relatively small, could I just double some luan plywood that I already have on hand and sand it back down to the match the thickness of the plywood on the dinghy? With a reinforced motor mount and a very cool looking vintage outboard motor that I believe is English (not sure).Is there any way to find out about this boats design?
I got some of it loose with a heat gun, grabbed that with a pair of pliers and used a heat gun to pull the rest off like that.

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