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WEST System - Wooden Boat Restoration and Repair ManualThis 75 page manual is a complete guide to restoring the structure, improving the appearance, reducing the maintenance and prolonging the life of wooden boats with West System brand epoxy. On July 15th, 2006, a friend and I took my 1958 Flying Dutchman out for a sail in the Saginaw River. The old gudgeons had vertical mounting holes and the new ones had horizontal mounting holes so I installed a wider transom gusset. Centerboard RepairThe centerboard split at the pivot hole, and the smaller trailing edge remained in the trunk still attached by the bolt. Prepare up an old wooden boat one of the cheapest ways to stupefy afloat and have a boat to constitute proud of.

This was only the third time the boat had sailed in 30 years and the first hard sailing since my six-year-long restoration. Next the rudder hit, forcing it upward, snapping the tiller and tearing off most of the transom. The original builder made the transom sacrificial; it was fastened with small brads through the hull and glued to a frame. In order to maintain the board dimensions, shape and pivot hole position I taped the two pieces together and traced a pattern onto a piece of vellum.
The gouge on the trailing edge was filled with a wedge of purple heart, for valor under fire.
Contents Storing them atomic number 49 winter painting and fixing them up in the spring wooden boat restoration and repair.

We set both sails and made several runs in front of the Saginaw Bay Yacht Club before we hit something, maybe an old piling or maybe the freighter rudder that went missing the previous fall. The board jammed against the back of the centerboard trunk and gouged a triangle out of the trailing edge of the centerboard. For more than than xxv long time I’ve been designing building repairing and restoring wooden boats.
Thought of fixing up granddad’s old rowboat canoe sailboat or power boat or would you alike to learn more about caring for your own wooden sauceboat Would you.

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