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Location: new york Navigation Light Wiring for Dual Stations I'm wiring (from scratch) my 73 Silverton 27. Assuming that the lower helm switch is installed as in the diagram below, I need to control the lights from either location.
From the push pull switch I can connect a feed from output A to the lower right terminal on the DPDT switch on the lower helm, controlling the anchor only circuit. It seems to me that since I'm using a DPDT switch on the lower helm this wiring scheme will work but since I'm learning and by no means an expert I thought I'd run it past you guys here.
Location: Adriatic sea Using a DPDT switch for anchor and running lights is quite clever.
How you can make a true double station circuit by adding just a single pole switch I do not grasp.
I could only make a true dual station circuit using latching relays or electronic switches. Location: new york HI CDK, when I was researching this idea I realized that I could use a diode as an electrical 1 way valve. I'll put pen to paper but in the meantime, Google wiring hallway switch and it should pop right up. MIA's wishes complicates thing even more because his switch controls both anchor and running lights. The only way to achieve what he has in mind is using spring loaded switches (on)-off-(on), a pair of latching relays and pilot lights, plus a confusing amount of wires.
I'll also post a link to a youtube channel that provides videos explaining how various Carling rocker switches are laid out and how navigation and other lighting circuits can be built.
While you're in the wiring mode, I would highly recommend a light sensor switch in series with your anchor light. It can be nice when at anchor to just flip the panel switch on and forget about it until you raise anchor. Again, an indicator light on the switch panel is nice to let you know the circuit is energized. Location: Adriatic sea Dual station circuit The attached circuit uses two simple automotive relays and push button switches.
I agree with Tom it would be nice to include a sensor, but have read that after the drawing was ready. This light was a little challenging for me to wire up but I ended up with a workable design that's not too complicated.
Location: Beaufort, SC and H'ville, NC Probably too late, but one other thought. At each station, install a momentary mode sw that controls one DP latch relay as in CDK's sketch. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Need Electrical Help?If you’re trying to track down info about a specific boat wiring subject, please use the search box or list of categories below.
I’m currently trying to wire up a new boat here in Oman (no technical expertise available) and I’m really concerned about dangerous AC currents floating around the boat whilst my family swims.
Add circuit protection at the source of power for your 24 hour emergency bilge pumps fuse panel.

Well, this is a Carolina boat and it has many interesting little nuances that we have discovered.
When the second horn is connected, there is too much of a voltage drop in the horn circuit to power both horns. It is reasonable to use one size wiring such as 12, rather than buying a mix of sizes from Ancor or Panel ? When your are working on this DC boat wiring project, you should keep a few simple rules in mind. Distance doesn’t matter – Install circuit protection at the battery and allow for a maximum of 3% voltage drop on your panel feed wire. The boat was FREE, but there is no wiring, All I have is a small 40 pound thrust troll motor for now (detachable from it’s bracket). There are no lights or wiring on this boat I want to wire the boat for lights front and back and some type of harness or junction front or back to leave available for possible motor later.
In my opinion, the best trolling motor connect on the market is the Marinco Connect Pro System. Use 8 awg stranded tinned copper wire as your positive and negative trolling motor leads and install a main circuit breaker as close as possible to the battery – withing 7” or closer would be perfect. Since you will probably only have one trolling motor on this boat, you could run both power leads to the load side of this breaker and only use one circuit breaker.
It’s important that as you add electrical components, you are careful to wire them properly. If, however, your ultimate goal is to quickly get your new boat safely wired and on-the-water for fishing, you might want to consider a prefabricated harness and panel.
Wiring a boat trailer is something that many boaters find themselves needing to do sooner or later.
I was doing a pre-season inspection of my trailer, which was only 2 years old at the time, and I noticed the ground wire on the trailer is screwed to galvanized metal, and the screw is not tight.
The standard four prong connector to connect the trailer to the tow vehicle is perfect for a simple trailer light system.Notice the four prong connector on my boat trailer has 5 wires coming out the bottom. If the lower helm switch is in running lights position you cannot influence that with the additional switch, the lower helm is master (I think). It has the disadvantage that the directions for ON and OFF depend in the the other switch, something I (and a lot of others) do not like with dashboard switches. If the functions change place every now and then he has to step outside to make sure which lights are on or off. Spring loaded rocker switches combining the functions can of course also be used but may be hard to obtain. If you don't like CDK's system of momentary switches and latches, which is the most direct electrical solution, there is another way that lets you have control from either station and still use those push-pull switches, which are handy and cheap and provide real physical feedback without needing an indicator lamp for each nav circuit. But, it might take a while as I’m in Oman and it’s a real struggle to source the various electrical components. The obstacles that I have started to encounter are  simple to those that are familiar with wiring.
I end by saying, there are a lot of grandfathers out here that are trying to make their grandchildren happy, but find as I have, just tell all of us, in simple terms, how to make this easier. I would like to set the boat up for both bow mount and transom mount, so when I fish alone I can move and connect it to either position.

I would put one of their Connect Pro Plugs on the end of your trolling motor wires and a Connect Pro Receptacle at the bow and the stern of your boat.
Circuit protection, voltage drop, wire size, and wire color are all factors that need to be considered.
These folks have the exact wire harness and panel with circuit protection that would work on your boat.
You would have all the switches, circuit protection, and wiring for your navigation light, stern light, aerator pump, bilge pump, and even an auto bilge pump switch.
The harness and lights come with DELPHI weather pack connectors that plug directly into each other.
It may be to just connect the trailer lights on your vehicle, or you may find yourself rewiring the whole trailer with new LED boat trailer lights and a new wire harness.I have had light issues on an old trailer and to be honest it was quicker and way less hassle just to pull out the old wiring and lights and start again with a fresh wire harness and new lights. A sure fire source of light problems!Make sure the ground wire on the trailer is attached to bare metal, not to painted or galvanized metal.
The relay's output sends power to the main station nav switch from the NC contact and to the alt station via the NO contact. Nevermind the marine grade wiring (at the local marina they have a bad habit of using domestic grade wiring).
Buy new AFI dual trumpet horn, install and rewire to old connections, push button, hear horn. Taking the traditional approach to this part of the project can be very satisfying, educational, character-building, but also very time-consuming. They also have loaded and wired panels or, my favorite, a really slick boat panel rewire kit so you can reuse your boat’s existing panel.
Many light assemblies use the mounting bolts as their ground connection, so clean the metal surface around the mounting bolt holes down to bare metal.
Use a momentary rocker with a light for the mode switches and feed the light from the appropriate contact on the relay. When I wired both to white and both to black, the dual horns sound for a second, then neither sounds.
Poor ground connection to the trailer frame is a common problem with lights that don't work.Below is a simple wire diagram for a standard four wire light harness. They are available at marine hardware stores and are a crimp connector with a waterproofing adhesive inside and an integral heat shrink cover to seal the connection. The white wire (ground) on the following boat trailer wiring diagram is drawn in grey so that you can see it against the white background. You might want to use a momentary key switch for the alt station mode switch depending on its accessibility to kids and clueless guests. One to control the boat trailer brakes, and one auxiliary power to charge the battery that you will need to have on the trailer so the brakes can be energized should the trailer come unhitched from the tow vehicle.Obviously you will need a six prong connector to connect the trailer to the tow vehicle in this situation.

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