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Speed Strip is the ultimate strip planking material for many applications in boat building, repair and restoration.
Speed Strip has been successfully used to build mono-hulls and multi-hulls up to 200 feet in length.
Even with complex shapes, Speed Strip planks snap together quickly and securely without a tendency to override each other when twisted.
Speed Strip is manufactured and supplied in the United States exclusively by Maritime Wood Products under license from Joseph Thompson & Co.
For more information about the advantages of building with Speed Strip Planking System, please click here.
From vertical grain lumber for stringers to flat sawn lumber for laminated curved stems, Maritime Wood Products sources and supplies the best clear Douglas Fir available.
We source select Khaya Mahogany and can supply custom milled planking in any thickness for cold molded construction.
Do rust stains mean the fasteners are failing?The boat is ironed fastened and has stains bleeding out on some of the fasteners.
If the boat's to your liking and the boat has only been half done look at the price, if its cheap do the math, ask a ship wright.There's a few simple tests that cost little, like ask who did the work, or you like it take the plunge, make it the head turner that got your attention.It's just wood and bolts and they move and you will hear lots of stories like why did I sell that boat?
Yes I agree with the comment to pull a few fastenings to check out their in wood diameter.Having a sprung bow plank in a gale off the cape is not the time to find out that the rust stain was a tell tale "colour sign" of a deeper fastening issue. If you wish to add more photos (or videos) to your post or if you have any problems loading photos use the link below (there is no need to resize or adjust your photos). So, before selecting your photo please use the 'Message Box' to indicate to which post the photos belong.
Radio Box: The water-tight radio box with clear lid protects your equipment and permits quick inspection without disassembly. Lightweight ABS Cowl: The lightweight, durable ABS cowl features preinstalled doublers and nose block.
Click the button below to add the AquaCraft VS1 Competition Nitro Wood Tunnel Hull Boat Kit ARR to your wish list. The actual dimensions are not important but this hull measured approximately 700mm long by 140mm wide and 100mm deep.

These were left wider than the hull base and then trimmed to match the base profile once the glue had dried. At the stern of the boat a raised section was glued in place to give clearance for the propellers. As with the bulkheads the parts were glued in place wider than base and then cut to match the base profile. The images above show the sides and rear of the boat glued in place and the front still open.
To form the bow, one side was glued in place first and then this was trimmed to match the base profile.
The profile, which is precision machined to a tolerance 0.015 mm, allows room for the tongue to rotate up to 7 degrees while holding firm in the groove. It requires half the mold stations and frames, minimum fastenings and less glue (because of reduced glue squeeze-out). Matched and sequenced boards are also available for applications such as classic Chris Craft and Riva restorations. So I would be wondering what type of fastenings were used in the refastening below the water line and replace with a galvanically compatible metal as the old galvanized iron fastenings are no longer available in some areas.
The owner says that they do not need replacing- but the boat- 43 foot sailboat was built in the 30's. The sponsons are built-up wood; the hull center section, lightweight wood-over-foam construction. Pull-pull cables, steering cable output guide and antenna mount assembly are included with the VS1" its premium hardware package.
Hull Length at water line (Lwl) - Also referred to as DWL it is exactly what it implies, the length of the hull at the waterline. To remember this I thought of when the bow goes over a large wave and it dips down it's bowing down to the ocean.Stem or Prow- The forward part of the bow usually at centerline, not used much these days as it came from wooden boat building. The self-fairing, precision fit of Speed Strip planks eliminates the need for scarfing and edge fastening, while cutting fairing and cleanup time by up to 70%.
My question would be, what is a galvanically compatible metal to iron and zinc assuming the wood surrounding the old fastening is probably full of iron and zinc ions ready to do the watusy with any new bronze or stainless steel fastening that replaces it and possibly cause early corrosion.

Included decals give your VS1 a competitive look that can be customized for one-of-a-kind style. Now you may be thinking that the waterline will probably change if you load the boat and you'd be right but the waterline in this case is the waterline where the designer intended it to be not where it is once you have loaded the mother in law. Prow is the bow above the waterline.TransomKeel - A structural or hydrodynamic appendage at usually at the bottom of the hull. On this model the back was swept forward as shown but it could be made vertical for simplicity, none of the angles were critical. The simplicity of the process not only reduces labor hours, but also allows for the use of less skilled labor.
The boat was refastend below the waterline- and sits on a morring year round with NO auto bildge pump- it does not leak!The highest concentration is the bow area. Rather than rush the model into kit form, Mike took the time necessary to produce a top-quality tunnel hull that performed up to his highest expectations.
A ships hull is built around a large beam or steel plate which is the structural keel, the backbone if you will. The resulting kit used two construction techniques: wood over foam for the center section and framework with sheeting for the sponsons. In a monohull sailboat a keel serves two purposes keeping the boat upright (provide ballast) and as an underwater wing for resisting side motion or converting to forward motion. On multihull sailboats the keel's then to be small as it is not neceassary to hang a large lead weight off the bottom to keep it upright. For speed calculations using displacement use the maximum displacement.Hull Draft (T) - The vertical distance from the waterline to the bottom of the hull. Hull Transom - The surface that forms the stern (back) of the vessel.Hull Chine - A sharp (or sharper) angle on the hull, this is more pronounced in planing hulls, power boats, where a hard chine is a sharp angle and a soft chine a smoother angle.

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