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Summer is the season so many of us look forward to after the long winters we have in Minnesota. Aside from the above-mentioned factors, alcohol has also been linked to 17 percent in all fatal boating accidents. Then again, sometimes mishaps happen that have nothing to do with being on the water, some of which are not under the control of the boat passengers or operators, which was the case for this brand new boat. If you have made a financial investment in a boat, then you know there are few things scarier than damage to their prized watercraft. This damage can be simple “trailer rash” like small scratches and dings or major structural problems resulting from impact or core wood rot.
Boating accidents can be caused by a variety of different factors, some of which are not under the control of the boat passengers or operators.
This job was extremely challenging, as the transom was replaced without removing the deck and it required blending of the metal-flakes.
This brand new boat was being shipped to Spain when the crane lifting it was rigged improperly and crushed the hull, and front deck. Electra is a 47-foot teak yawl built in the US Navy Shipyard in Japan in 1948 for a Navy captain who used the plans for a Luders 44–a boat the Naval Academy used to train midshipmen. For now, here are a few shots of Electra being sailed from Bayfield to Duluth last October, to be hauled out at Riverside Boatworks for caulking, painting, and refitting of spars–including a rebuild of her mast base. We are an award winning boat customizing company, that takes great pride in our quality workmanship.

Custom Boat Renovation was formed by Bart Jones, who has over 20 years experience in fiberglass fabrication and repair, as well as, extensive upholstery repair and replacement including carpet, boat covers, bimini tops, swim platforms, and sun pads. Custom Boat Renovation specializes in the restoration and customization of classic and contemporary fiberglass boats. However, before all the fun and games begin, we need to focus on safety from the moment we hop onto our vessels.
Boating traffic comes from all directions, and floating obstacles can suddenly appear without warning. But don’t let the dream of landing that next big large mouth bass or the possibility of making friends with the boat full of beautiful ladies next to you become a distraction — pay attention to what matters. Machine failure, excessive speeding, weather and water conditions also contribute to accidents. Of all these, collision with another boat or vessel is the leading cause of accidents nationwide. Unfortunately, sometimes even when you do everything right, there is always that ‘other bloke! This 2007 Larson 370 Cabrio boat was being shipped to Spain when the crane lifting it was rigged improperly and crushed the hull, and front deck. With the right state-of-the-art equipment, high quality products, and cutting edge techniques, a skilled Minnesota boat repair & restoration technician that specializes in collision, structural, and storm damaged boats can restore the beauty of your fiberglass boat to BETTER THAN pre-accident condition! All damaged aluminum was cut out where needed, custom cutouts were welded in place, structural and body work was done, and a factory replica paint job returned this boat to better than pre-accident condition.

Fiberglass repair, bodywork, and a new coat of paint returned this boat to pre-accident condition. We discovered that the mast base was rotten, and that the spreaders needed replacing as well. A day on the water may be one of the best ways to escape the summer heat, but all fun and play can make for a dangerous day on the water if you don’t keep safety in mind.
Driving a boat requires the full attention of the operator, as there can be numerous distractions. We have done extensive restoration and upgrade work  for the owners of Electra over the years and will tell her story here.
If you are interested in finding a classic Chris Craft XK19 or Century Coronado Cardel and restoring it from ground up Custom Boat Renovation is the place for you. Ask anyone about their favorite lake or stream and you’ll likely trigger a wave of nostalgia reflecting clear, cool waters, heavily wooded shorelines, abundant wildlife and the peace that only comes from a quiet moment on that beloved lake or stream.

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