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Chris-Craft boat returned to former glory; Wooden Boat Restoration, Chesterville, Kent County, Maryland, USA.
Sign of the times for Chris-Craft runabouts; Wooden Boat Restoration, Chesterville, Kent County, Maryland, USA. This entry was posted in Art, Craftsmanship, Galleries, Sailing and tagged Chesterville, Kent County, Maryland, USA, Wooden Boat Restoration. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. We are a small, yet well established boat restoration and repair company on Orcas Island, in Washington State.
We specialize in Classic Wood Boat restoration and repair, Shipwright services, custom woodworking and fabrication, for any size boat. We're recognized for award winning results for those owners "obsessed" with their show quality boats. We are currently restoring a 1949 17' Chris Craft "Deluxe", A 1956 18' Chris Craft "Holiday", and a 1964 20' Chris Craft "Super Sport". Antique wood boat restoration and haunt Bottom’s upwardly laurels winning return and repair twin custom Contents. I was chartering her for a while with everyone questioning why I would use such an old boat, and wood non the less.
Location: Albany, NY Distin Boats I looked at the photo of the sunk boat. Brian, a gentleman emailed me last year because he heard I owned a Distin boat, he was doing research for an article he was writing, maybe the same author of that 2007 Adirondack Life Magazine.
Dont put too much into what some of this lot say, they often look at it from a pure business perspective.
My mom just sent me this link, I know it is a post from a while ago, but I thought I would give it a try!
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
It's called The Boat House and it is the place for serious wooden boat owners and collectors.
Check out what's happening at our boat shop by going to Boat Shop Log, Photo Gallery and Boatworks Events.

At Hall's Boat Corporation, we believe it is essential to match the right boat with the right owner. The Lodging’s at Hall's Boat Corporation offers discriminating boaters the ideal Lake George vacation package that includes three distinctive classic Adirondack-style lake houses, full membership privileges at Hall's Boating Club during your stay and use of a boat slip up to 23 ft (fees do apply).
From a full-service marina with all the standard services you'd expect—plus a few extras you might not expect, such as concierge service to prepare your boat for excursions, to charming Adirondack-style lodging accommodations, Hall's Boating Club offers an unparalleled experience for our members. At Hall's Boatworks, our restorations are designed to meet the needs of both the boat and its owner.
We invite all of our customers to come down to the boat shop and follow their boats' progress.
I kept the hydroplane for a little while then wound up selling it to a guy who lives on a lake in Michigan. A couple weeks ago I decided to call the owner and ask if he would be willing to sell me the boat. I suppose it is worth a shot to lightly clean and try to spruce up the old finish, but it is hard for me to imagine not stripping her 100 percent and cpes ing her, especially if you want to use her. At the end of the day, for me, as long as the materials are the same, it is more about availability and convenience than a few % in cost. Macatawa Bay Boat Works LLC Saugatuck MI Builders and Restorers of Fine outmoded and Classic Boats wood boat restoration. It is definately a Distin made in Saranac Lake, NY for only a couple of years in the late 1940's to 1951, and VERY rare!
As Brian (Crosbyboat) stated the steering wheel is a dead giveaway, you'll also notice the throttle in the center of the steering wheel.
I have had contact from another Distin boat owner, his Distin is also in New Hampshire and has had a restoration job. 2007 issue of Adirondack Life magazine there was an article about Distin Boats, which were built in the Saranac Lake, NY area, which you might find interesting. Nested in the "picturesque" website of Hall's Boat Corporation, The Boat House is a place to indulge in your love for wooden boats. Our experts can work with you to find a boat that suits the way you will use it—from the water you'll be on, to the number of passengers you'll carry, to the activities you'll do with and in it, to how you will board it, and more. We can maintain the historical fabric of the boat as much as possible, as well as the original construction method, or we can apply contemporary materials and technologies that make a classic or antique wooden boat easier to use and easier to own.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. 2010 I went to an auction on the South East side of Deep Creek Lake in Far Western Maryland.
What is her value restored against what she's going to cost to restore the hull, systems and replace the egine? Above all, we strive to insure that our wooden boat restoration work is itself restorable so your boat can live on for decades.
I get moat of my goodies from them , they sometimes have free shipping , (like now until the 22nd, fer instance), prices are good and no tax and their techies are good. It is expensive, but it doesn't clog or go flat as fast as others I have used, so I think it is a better value. Brightsides goes on very smoothly (check for drips and runs all the time!), it levels beautifully and it wears like iron.
Other may differ on this, but it is what I have found through about 1000 sheets of sandpaper..
Varnish it in a covered space to minimize dust (preferably with a trap or plastic tent to REALLY minimize dust). In my experience, it is very hard to get a good smooth glossy finish with other non-oil based paints. I'd wash the existing hull with something strong (like maybe TSP, and then sand it with 220 before painting.
Wooden boat restoration how to fix up an sure-enough wooden sauceboat one of the cheapest ways to get aflo. If you want to keep the graphics then you can probably paint over them and then using the slight edge that will show through, re-tape them and paint them with the color you want. Foam is a little easier to manage for some surfaces, but really, it seems that operator skill makes more of a difference than the type of brush. If it is cracked or still all dinged, then consider stripping to wood, but I suspect a good sanding and re-varnish may be all that is needed.

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