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An Aristo Craft Torpedo is a wood 13’ 9” by 5’ outboard fun dual cockpit classic ribbon grained mahogany runabout. Using the same boat building plant, the manufacturing tools were changed, the production lines were ajusted, and the boat models were completely changed. Out of production since the 1990s, this historic model makes a return to the Donzi lineup for 2007. The Sweet 16 offers the same great features as other models in Donzi’s Classic line, yet its unique wraparound seating allows you to take full advantage of this beauty’s compact cockpit. This summer, boating enthusiasts can see Thunderbird, Baby Skipalong and Mercury at the 39th annual Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance Boat Show on August 12-13 at the Sierra Boat Co.
The event—the nation’s premier wooden boat show—is a compilation of more than 75 of the best vintage boats from North America. This year’s event returns to its traditional dates in August when the weather is glorious, the water warmer and the atmosphere bustling with summer activities for the entire family.
In addition to the exquisite boats on display, the Concours offers sponsor displays, give-aways, live music, and a food and beverage court.

Aquaplanes and water skis also are on exhibit, showing the progression from the earliest models made of barn doors. This is an example of a text widget that you can place to describe a particular product or service. This a new boat built by Aristo Craft and powered by a new four stroke 40 horsepower Yamaha customized with a 1960 Evinrude Starflite Cowl.
He makes them one at a time.  His wood Torpedo updated only where the Coast Guard rules require changes. Some of the classic guys were just talking about this vintage cowl retro fit the other day.. With its sleek lines and nimble sports-car handling, this low-slung rocket became one of the most celebrated fiberglass boats of all time.
He partnered with Standard Oil to build a marina on the West Shore and became an agent for Gar Wood speedboats at his Obexer’s Boat Co.
There are more than 30 vessels, as well as a vast collection of photographs and memorabilia.

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The motor is a modern one fitted with a hand crafted engine cover that matches the needs of a four stroke on its inside and shows the lines of an old vee block two stroke Evinrude on its  outside (public) shell. It was a roomy family runabout, not a sportster runabout, which is what I would label the Torpedo model boat. And with the same aluminum hardware which is cast and hand polished to match what was done in 1956.
Each model boasts the trademark blend of style, performance, all-out thrills and exclusivity that have earned them a place in history, and a cult following like nothing else on the water.
Stanley Dollar were piloting speedsters with names such as Baby Skipalong, Short Snorter and Mercury.

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