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Working on my oars now, so don't know how well it will row with what would be the equivalent of a heavily loaded boat.  I see the light green stripe on the bottom just above the chine is completely exposed when the boat is going straight which means it is drafting about three inches when on plane.
Thanks for the nice words Justin -- I'm looking forward to some future fun, and then watching my grandkids follow in the fun.  Yes, it does "haul Ace" - what a surprise bonus that was. Thanks Josh -- nine months of just complete pleasure doing the build.  THEN - it turns out that it floats, and floats level - and the surprising bonus that it S---s and Gets!!
Since the impeller in an outboard jet is 90 degrees from the intake it makes sense it would waste so much power.

I have looked around and there are many turbine in-line pumps available but they are all monsters. I roughed up the fiberglass real good, even drilled some tiny holes - the epoxy sticks real well to the wood and fiberglass both.
I took the motor and pump out of a Yamaha Waverunner 760, then framed the same size hole in the bottom of the boat.
It has seven layers of glass on the bottom so I'm not concerned about it banging into a wake.

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