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I stand by bertho in that the vessel Yok Yor launched 10 years ago from Pulau Duyong still looks like new. The ultimate dream is for a 12 - 15m perahu pinis, one that a 1.50m-something, 50kg girl can handle. Financial situation tells me that it is possible to get into action by May next year, and I would like to prepare for this as best as I can before heading off to the land of gado-gado & tempe. Hopefully my financial problem can be settle at end of this year( court hearing done )then I will seriously pursue the boat construction next year. Ari,--- harry Ria is a bit misserable here in Langkers I dont understand why we have to suffer such appaling vegitables when Thailand is just what 6KT miles away.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. John Goodman wrote me a letter post the Texas 200 giving a rundown on the performance of the Goat. This was a predominantly light to medium wind event with wind from all points of the compass at some time or another. I did sail that boat later when I was in Texas … It is a lot of fun and quite sweet to handle, but really high sided making it hard to get aboard.
I would suggest a loop through the clew eye and around the boom to prevent the clew moving away from the boom as the outhaul is eased. I did that a few times and in moderate winds it gave a bit more pointing … particularly if the mainsheet was trimmed to get the leach ribbons flowing evenly. I guess it would be possible to run a tighter traveller and add a control line from each side with a cleat each side to limit how far the traveller block can move to the side.

You could centralise the traveller in light winds to minimise the sheet tension pulling the boom down.
The mizzen mast was flexible and during the big puffs the tip would flex a few to 6 inches. I see you have a halyard … I would sneak it around to the back face of the mast if I could. There is an alternative way of lacing the sail that may allow it to be hoisted and dropped but reduce the gap between it and the mast. Did you adjust the outhaul much …to get 10% camber in the bottom of the sail might help pointing in medium conditions and footing upwind in choppy and strong conditions.
I've had the honor of being invited onboard, god knows how many tons of drool I spilt over the decks as she is a BEAUTY. One of the reasons I was motherhennish about you guys going in a Goat was because of the previous year and how my RAID41 design had a very hard time of it.
The boat doesn’t fall apart because it has so few pieces and was put together very nicely. It will reduce the bending moment a little, but more importantly it will mean that the easing of the outhaul won’t mean the clew moves further away from the boom.
In the hard upwind, 12-15knot winds, sheeted very hard the tip of the mast would bend aft about eight inches. Interested in feedback – Did you have some knots in the traveller to limit the boom to a 10 degree angle from the centreline? Then drop it to the 10 degree mark for average winds or let it that extra bit out to the gunwale for stronger winds, tight reaching or choppy water upwind. He even declined to discuss about my dream until I explained to him that I had kept aside some funds for my retirement days..!

I think David and I were lucky this year because the previous years the wind was reported to be much higher.
This means that your easing will be translated more directly into more depth in the mainsail without increasing the sail twist.
A wire (now it would be spectra) bridle that was quite tight and a separate rope each side to adjust the traveller.
Instead of continuing the spiral, come back the same way you came from (ie reverse direction to keep all the rope on the front of the mast). The day we slowly pulled away from both the Core Sound and the Sea Pearl it was a tight reach upwind in 10-15knots of breeze with some frustrating lulls down in the 5 knot range.
For reaching with attached flow over the sail (tufts flying) you could adjust to a 1:7 camber for lots more power.
I've been picking up so many tips from here that I felt that it's time to make a small contribution of my own. The only problem was the traveler got in David’s way, since he liked to sit on the aft deck to steer. As I don't have any experience of building a boat before, a practical boatbuilding plan outline seems like a good start. I just could not concentrate on the mizzen with the wind gusts, barges, ferries and other large boats crossing back and forth.

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