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According to Small Trimarans blog it's just been announced that this tri from John Marples has won the design challenge? I think that was one of the design requirements and so if it won the contest, I suspect it can. John Marples deserves this kind of recognition, if only for his life-long connection to the world of homebuilt boats and multihulls. I don't think you could sit comfortably in the cabin if the cabin sides did not flare out like that.
Looking at the PDF cross sections, there appears to be nothing that dictates shape of the cabin sides other than choice. I still think that was an unacceptably subjective criterion: able to progress to windward in a gale.
Compared to the Searunner, now a very old design, this one should be much quicker to set up and it should sail quite a bit better, too.
As far as those flaring cabin sides, visual space inside is important, and maybe the wider deck is needed to get the chainplates out where they need to be?
The essentials of the most recent design are all here, but the new boat is clearly a much more refined package. Scaling from the midship section, I'd guess a design displacement about 3,000 lbs and with the modest equipment shown, an empty weight of somewhat under a ton should be achievable. There is an 18 minute interview with John Marples about DC-3 on the Smalltriamarans webpage.
Howzabout a trailerable barge which, once launched, lets the family SUV board from the launch ramp, then uses that vehicle's power for propulsion? There used to be one in Mallorca when I was there, it was kept in a marina slip which is a testament to something, not sure what.
Maybe a better idea is a jon boat that can be driven by a snowmobiile, making it into a jet ski and then self destructs. My thought was that there aren't any low horsepower (30hp total max outboard or twin 15's outboard 4 stroke) power cats for a cost effective and more available drying max 20ft LOA mooring with a standing headroom full width enclosed wheelhouse with a dinette converting to a berth with a self draining rear deck for inshore fishing, cruising or taking a wheelchair for a cruising couple looking for stability, motion comfort, deck space, fuel efficiency and protection from the elements when its windy, raining, sleeping or waiting for a bite.
So what would you like to see for a competition for a future Woodenboat magazine Design Challenge? A pal sails one of the Advnture Island's and it is so easy to set off from the beach, so easy to sail through the moorings using the Mirage Drive to motor sail, and so comfortable to sail back into the beach.
The first of these that I know of with commercially available plans will be the TriRaid 560 a development of the Trika 540.
I think designs which rattle the mainstream might be interesting in these recession hit days.
I certainly agree that the area of easily transported, lightweight, shoaldraft boats needs more study.
A bit expensive and time consuming to build but they make a nice platform are are very fuel efficient. Still trailerable as it would be within the beam and weight limits for taking it home in winter. Marine diesel used to be a fraction of the cost of petrol here (no tax on it) so it was always a diesel except for ski type boats but a few years ago that was stopped to bring us into line with Europe. I think most people can find a say 30hp Petrol engine new or used or twin 15's for example, a bit easier than a 30-40hp diesel.

Mostly people don’t comprehend how significant it's to use the best tips and plans for handling boat building immaculately.
Loads of people opine that there isn’t any opportunity from where they can find out the best technique for #KW1#.
Before we go on, allow me to assure you that by the end of this introduction, you'll acquire the knowledge necessary to design real boats in your free time. Naturally, there are even more potentially helpful benefits which might suit your needs and that you'd probably like to hear about, however, i can’t mention them all in this quick review.
Wood hulled vessels are high maintenance and require lots of work and inspections to stay floating.
Picture of very smartley dressed man with a captains hat on at the helm of an old wooden yacht.? The Boat is on a starboard tack and heeling over the man is on the port side lookingunder the sail.
Related ResourcesWooden YachtsPurely by immersing yourself in the right information about it, you'll certainly increase your odds of obtaining the optimum out of boat building at home.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I agree, Marples is more than competent and I expect that this boat is also reasonably easy to build. It is only 27 feet long so for two people to socialize reasonably well in there, something must be done.
I think the judges have it right here -- that this type of boat fits the design requirements spot on. He did do another constant camber boat at this length, but without a built-out cabin trunk, it was quite tight inside. I was just about to post (I being dad Brian rather than son Ed) when it disappeared, so glad it's back. More designs in the Hobie Adventure Island class of light swing float trimaran with easy reefing, and furling plus Mirage drive.
This looks to me like a good platform to run off a couple of outboards, and skip the sail rig. My uncle built a self designed and very similar craft for fishing way back in the late 1950's.
Whereas with diesels we generally get growth in the tanks, or usually just decades of grit, muck and water condensation in the fuel tank causing trouble, but that's a reflection only of the boats age maybe. And as a consequence they end up either upsetting themselves or stopping before success is possible. But at last here is one of the places where they can get detailed information with all that they ever wished to discover about this topic. The truth is that unfortunately this field isn’t free of challenges and troubles and a usual trouble spot that many people encounter is that boat building is complicated.
The style and the layout of the page are so refreshing that you’ll be keen to read through the complete site.
Many, many years ago, John spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone, subsequently sharing his drawings, exchanging ideas and giving me background information on the Fulmar sailing kayak. A paradox given how highly rated they are by fisherman for deck space, environmental agency use them, coastguard etc.

Had a few diesel fishing boats a Mitchell 21 and Maritime 21 and while intrinsically the diesel is a reliable with the coming of age of 4 strokes, diesels aren't perfect with the noise, vibration and smell of it, though 3 cylinder diesels seem to give lower vibration as triples tend to naturally do. In the boats we ever buy now with diesels, i always empty and clean the tanks, renew the pipes and filters etc. Since discovering the best tips i sn’t a grueling challenge, we need to comprehend that they need not fail to complete and instead understand the best strategies for the matter in hand.
Of course, i haven’t examined all the various websites there are that deal with this predicament. Whatever you might happen to learn about this after reading my quick article, it’s best to makeup your mind based on common-sense and based on your own experience.
He connected me with Jim Brown, who also shared a good deal of info from his vast personal experiences and sent me photos of his Bottlenose sailing kayak project. I don't know what the design displacement is, but the plans offered show it to be much closer to the Searunner 25 than the F27, which stretches out the interior volume as much as possible. Any transverse full width frames will come from a single sheet of marine ply if its a bit less than 8ft without scarf's. A plywood one can be lighter for the same strength so take advantage of smaller cheaper power units for the same speed. Kinda updating the old displacement 20-30 hp fishing boats that were built 40 years ago and are now very tired. I can remember her registration number oddly enough but I did spend a lot of my christmas holidays on her. For an installation they're costly with all the ancilliary parts in cost and labour, shaft angles and bearings. Together, these guys jump-started a much deeper understanding of small craft and creative problem solving that really got me rolling. A closed back to a standing headroom wheelhouse to keep the interior clean and dry and self draining deck are crucial. I'm thinking at the minute that a four stroke is simpler, easier to install plus gives adjustable trim angle.
Be sure that you check out the following article as i believe it’ll enable you to design real boats in your free time.
But those section views below show a much tighter interior -- much like the Searunner -- than what Farrier worked into his ply Trailertris, the predecessors of the F27. They've all got their pro's and cons for sure, but having the outboard on pods off the transom also means a nice big flat deck space, ideal for unhindered movement and say putting a wheelchair, especially at the smaller size 20ft spectrum. No doubt that thanks to the internet we can get to the bottom of most of our nagging questions and acquire the knowledge necessary for success. Something bigger and heavier, more displacement in style a diesel would be worth the investment. Are you familiar with the fact that it teaches the way to construct Wooden boats and even Yachts? If so then i’d appreciate it if you can give this info to your friends who could use these tips.

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