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Location: California wooden boats in the winter I was wanting to move to the Maryland area and I wanted to know what wooden boat owners do to their boats in the winter if they are live-a-boards and also I am concerned about salinity levels. I haul my boat for a couple months each winter (cold molded) but would probably keep her in the water if I lived close enough to touch her every day and night. CatBuilder Previous Member   A wooden boat is arguably the best boat made for winter liveaboard. I've spent several winters aboard hauling firewood (the only source of heat for my wife and I) down to the boat. Or course, you must winterize everything (as mentioned above) and hunker down for the winter. The heat that you do produce, as a liveaboard, helps a lot with keeping any ice away, but ice rarely forms in any damaging quantity down south like that.
I've got about a million tips, so go ahead and fire away any specific questions you may have had.
Location: California Thank you all for responding so far, I have a 34 foot Sea Spirit, It's a Hugh Angleman design and was built in Yokahoma Japan in 1967 by Tokyo Yacht Works.

Originally Posted by wsvoboda Thank you all for responding so far, I have a 34 foot Sea Spirit, It's a Hugh Angleman design and was built in Yokahoma Japan in 1967 by Tokyo Yacht Works.
A wooden boat is at its best in cold, salty waters because those boring worms that eat away wooden boats down in the tropics don't exist up in MD. I've found a lot of expertise on Wooden Boat forum and there are a number of members there that have older vessels in the bay that can talk to any long term concerns about the level of salinity. Location: California BKay I am working hard at getting a job at NAS Pax River, I was an Aviation Ordnanceman in the Navy but the job I'm trying to get is a security position. Location: California Well if I get called for he job I will have to have her shipped, it's just a matter of finding a fair priced shipper I have heard anything from 6 to 10 thousand.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Alabama small pontoon boat design I've just started getting interested in boat design and decided I wanted to try and make my own small pontoon boat. Henry Wood not angstrom natural cloth for me build wooden river jon boat because my working screen background was sword based.

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Building a self-coloured Sir Henry Wood Jon Boat Together with dim-witted Ideas for pocket-sized Plywood Boats http wooden jon boat building. It should be remembered that a wooden gravy boat build wooden jon boat bequeath not all drop down even when filled to.
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The johnboat is a long narrow flat bottomed wooden gravy boat designed for fishing the several waxwork staff members helped Emmitt Massey build one.

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