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Troy Class Yachts have been built in Fowey Cornwall since 1929.  The first Troy was built as a one off by local Fowey boatbuilder Archie Watty. The start of the 1930 season saw six identical boats on the water , and a meeting was held to discuss the formation of a class. The owners of these six boats were the real high flyers of the town, Sir Charles Hanson, former Lord Mayor of London, Mr Strong, the Lloyds bank manager, Dr Moore, had Troy no 3 built, Mr Treffry the local squire, had Troy no.4 . This was the beginnings of the Troy class, and these boats have been racing around the harbour ever since.
In the last six years, Marcus Lewis has built four new boats, to bring the fleet up to number 28. The boat is decorated with a painted star or heart, fabric bunting, flag and sail available in a range of colours.
The hand painted wooden base has been lightly distressed and can be personalised with up to three lines of hand stamped smokey grey coloured text of your choice. I've bought friends this keepsake over the years for first and second children so they have matching boats and everyone always really loves them.
I have bought these on four separate occasions and all the recipients have been really pleased with them.
Very disappointed with this item as online the colours look very bright and vibrant, However the sales and writing were pale and boring looking.
I got this product originally for a new baby gift and my friend loves it so much that I got it again as a christening gift. Great quality, arrived quickly and promptly and made a little man and his mummy very happy. The sailing boat was a gift for my new born niece and it is a beautiful keepsake with her name and date of birth on. Over the last couple of years I have ordered four of these boats for various occasions, they are always gratefully received. I did struggle with making my decision as you offer the Red & blue material for the bunting but there are no pictures or examples of that material. Great service, I needed the item very quickly and the seller was prompt in replying to my queries and also let me know when the boat had been dispatched. Other local builders also built Fowey Rivers, Percy Mitchell at Portmellon, Watty in Fowey, and by 1965 the fleet had reached 36 boats. However, there was an underlying interest in the boats, they could be used for racing, rowing, taking the family to the beach for a picnic, put an little outboard on the back and motor up the river on the evening tide to Golant or Lerryn, a multi purpose little boat. We have just launched numbers 63 and 64, our ninth and tenth dinghy of this class, with another on order, and are pleased to have nearly all our boats return to us annually for their re-varnishing and fitting out.
The Norwegian designer, Colin Archer, is famed particularly for his double-ender life-boats or Redningskoite. Colin Archer designs inspired many of the great designers and produced some of the best-known cruising yachts.
David Robertson had sailed long distances in the first Escape, a 23 ton yacht designed by Colin Archer in 1896 as a sailing life-boat, had become convinced of the viability of Colin Archer’s designs and wanted his next boat to be a larger version as a sailing home.
He knew and admired K Christensen who had a small yard in Moen close to Risor in Norway and engaged him to build the yacht. The design is a classic Colin Archer though perhaps a fraction less in the beam and a little finer below the waterline and was built to scantlings 25% in excess of Lloyds Rules. She was put ashore at Universal on the Hamble and lay there for a couple of years while arrangements were made for her refit.  After 2 attempts due to her unexpected weight, she was finally moved by road to Lowestoft where she underwent a major rebuild at the IBTC Commercial Boatyard in Lowestoft, to be relaunched in 2008.
She sailed back to Risor that season, returning to UK and in 2009 sailed to her present berth in Scotland. There are 28 frames in all, made up of Norwegian oak in grown futtocks totalling 8” x 5” at 18” centres leaving a gap of only 10” between the frames.. The bulwarks are carried on short 4” x 4” oak stanchions mounted on the cover-boards in cast bronze shoes to eliminate any possibility of the leaks and rot so common in this area. The capping rail is original in teak, swept down to the deck forward and aft in typical Colin Archer fashion.

The bulwark is formed by a single plank, open above and below to allow water on deck to escape with minimum obstruction. A single high level stainless steel guard wire is carried on bronze stanchions set through the capping rail into pods mounted on the coverboards. Heavy oak Sampson posts trimmed and capped with bronze mounted either side of the cock-pit on the aft deck.
Centre Sampson with galvanised side strap on the fore deck takes the bowsprit heel, allowing the bowsprit to be run in.
A heavy timber plank bolted to the deck either side of the bowsprit extending forward by approx 3’ with a sheave in the outer end takes the anchor cable well clear of the hull.
A narrow athwartships cock-pit is placed forward of the mizzen mast and the main sheet horse with a full width dog-house to shelter it, the comings continued round the cock-pit well.
The cock-pit is cleverly placed here to avoid the inevitable drips from the mizzen and far enough forward to avoid any water which may come on board from the quarter wave in bad weather. Steering is by wheel in the cock-pit on the after bulkhead with under-deck cables through a deck pulley fitting either side to a bronze sliding collar on a long tiller. Original anchor 2-speed manual windlass just abaft of the main mast with twin warping dollys and chain gypsy behind the stbd dolly, returned to Reid and Co Glasgow to be rebuilt.
Galvanised wire rigging set up to external forged iron galvanised chain plates with galvanised rigging screws, all new by TS Rigging in Maldon Essex in 2008. Inner fore stay to the galvanised stemhead gammon iron also takes the running bowsprit on the stemhead centre-line. Outer fore stay set running to the end of the bowsprit, tensioned on a tackle brought in board.
Main boom with galvanised, twin mast band fittings sheets to a horse aft of the cock-pit with 4-part tackle (two double wooden blocks) and lead blocks either end of the horse to take the tails of both sheets to make up on the Sampson posts, easily reached from the cock-pit. Falls secured to a pin rail at working level round the main mast or taken to the windlass for mechanical hoisting.
Mizzen boom sheets to a galvanised steel bar loop over the rudderhead to a served span on the boom, the single tail led in the make up on the Sampson post.
Centre-line installation in spacious engine room aft of the cock-pit with the engine actually sited under the cock-pit well, access through the lazarette hatch. From aft: Companionway from the cock-pit through the teak sliding hatch, emergency axe clipped on the hatch coaming. Galley to port with deep, stainless steel custom made sink set in a stainless steel work surface surrounded by a deep teak fiddle.
Slightly staggered port and stbd settee berths with a side board at the aft end of the stbd settee and at the fwd end of the port settee, original drop-leaf teak table between. Slightly port off-set bulkhead door forward, step up in the cabin sole, to a double berth to port and heads compartment to stbd. The double berth is set quite high due to the forward hull sections, allowing space for 4 large drawers below the berth.
Heads compartment to stbd is surprisingly big with original Simpson Lawrence Kentigern sea toilet rebuilt by SL Spares in 2008 connected to a 25 litre stainless steel holding tank.
Porcelain hand basin with H&C in a surface along the ship’s side with lockers below and mirrored locker doors above.
Good head-room throughout the yacht with over 6’ in the saloon cabin and lobby, a little less in way of the main mast increasing forward.
25 litre colorifier tank heated by coil from the engine cooling water and 240v immersion heater.
Varnished deck-beams, white painted deckhead and T&G bulkheads, varnished mahogany trim to the bulkheads.
Racing in Fowey at the time consisted of a mixed fleet of various handicapped dinghies and Sir charles Hanson, from Fowey Hall, wanted a boat for his daughter to race competitively.  Archie designed and started building an 18’ boat, with a lead keel, in the winter of 1928. Sir Arthur Quiller couch was Commodore of the Royal Fowey Yacht Club at the time, and had written novels based on Fowey, renamed Troy town, and he was approached for permission to use the name Troy for the new Class of yacht.
Amethyst, Troy no 5 was built for the local shipbroker, Mr Samuel, and Troy no.6, Ruby, was built for the local solicitor, Walter Graham.

My order got lost in the post and so another was made and sent to me overnight no questions asked. My son received one as a gift and I loved it so much I bought one as a christening gift for a friends child. Wooden Sailboat Plans online designs & Plan downloadWooden Sailboat Plans wooden sailboat plans free download wooden sailboat for sale wooden catamaran plans wooden sailboat kits wooden yacht plans sailboat plans for sale smithsonian boat plans small wooden sailboat plansWooden Sailboat Plans To successfully complete the project Wooden Sailboat Plans-5. The Fowey River class dinghy is based on the Yachting World 15′ knockabout dinghy designed by Reg Freeman in the late 40s and the plans were published in Yachting Monthly to try and encourage people to build their own boats.
Second Hand Fowey Rivers do come on the market – contact us for latest information and advice, and arrange a trial sail. One thinks of Robin Knox-Johnson and Suhaili, Wm Atkin in the USA, the remarkable Ehrling Tambs with Teddy and Paul Johnson with his Venus ketch range of double enders.
Meek to refine the designs of the first Colin Archer Escape and enlarge them to become the 32ton second Escape now offered for sale. The stbd cable is usually employed and a timber chafing chute along the deck protects the deck from chain chafe on it way aft to the windlass by the main mast. Large desk with stowage under, forward facing scalloped seat allows comfortable sitting when heeled. Excellent ventilation with bronze mushroom vents forward and aft + large vent aft into the engine room.
Anyone experiencing any snuff through the exploitation of physical body type gantry 1 to roam and atomic number 95 aging and defecate more or less health problems to business concern Pine Tree State when atomic number 53 Wooden Gantry-5. During construction, the local bank ,manager, Mr Strong called in, and was so impressed with Archie Watty’s design that he immediately ordered one for himself. His big sister was so impressed she asked me to get one for her 8th birthday, so she could have it forever.
In the 1950’s, Hunkins Boatyard at Polruan built one for the local dentist, and others soon followed, with 15 boats in the fleet by 1957. His middle name was Ehrling and he was brought up on Escape owned by his parents for so many years.
On his death and with Mrs Johnson unable to live aboard by herself, Escape was sold in 2003 by Wooden Ships on behalf of the family to Mr John Charles.
Great care has been taken to reuse the original fittings such as 1930’s glass cupboard door handles, proper brass hinges with stainless steel pins, a custom-made steel stand for the diesel cabin heater avoid any fuel loss and dirt etc. Both of these boats were on the water for the 1929 sailing season, and although sailing in the handicap fleet, performed very well. Adam plans Project rowboat my mirror are sketched on only a few sheets of foolscap worn and wrinkled or parchment. When his health failed before he was able to start refitting, she was sold again by Wooden Ships to the present owner, a Scottish helicopter pilot. The interior was completely rebuilt in the 2008 refit and although the basic lay-out is as built the quality and finish is much superior.
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