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322 David Robert Tyre Jones Yacht Brokerage specializes in the selling and gross sales of classic wooden boats from traditional schooners naughty water cruisers cutters yawls. Graeco-Roman Yachts for cut-rate sale classical Yacht brokerage firm wooden boat brokers Schooners Wooden Yachts Wooden Boats Classics for Sale.
We are very fortunate atomic number 49 offering for sale just about of the most beautiful boats in the planetary and we consider it our pleasure and our duty to guide you carefully.
Adventuress133Adventuress is a 102-year-old National Historic Landmark schooner operated by non-profit Sound Experience, with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower an inclusive community to make a difference for the future of our marine environment.
Ama Natura36Ama Natura is a prototype wood motorsailer for the Inside Passage designed by Capt.
At LastTitle: a1948 Chris Craft 17ft Deluxe runabout restored from in my garage taking 10 years to do it.
Aura35Title: a"Aura" is the fifth of nine Blanchard 33's, designed by William Garden and built by Blanchard Boat Co.
Back to Basics13Basic Rolling fishing skiff with slight rocker the sides have been extended so that it is a deeper boat and beam is extended in width to add stability. Bettina41Bettina is a one-off 41' Laurent Giles sloop, built in 1957 in Hong Kong at the Wing on Shing shipyard, teak-planked over ipol frames. Blackfish1313 foot Paul Gartside designed launch was built in Victoria BC over a two year period ending 2014.
Butters18A rowing and sailing sharpie designed by Phil Bolger for Harold Payson's "instant" boats. Pete Thomsen completed this beautiful example of one of Nat Herreshoff's favorite designs in 2013. Carlyn62Designed and built by the Scarano brothers in Albany, New York in 1996, the sailing yawl "Carlyn" is owned and operated by Four Winds Westward Ho Camp on Orcas Island. Chesuki18This fast little sloop beats up on those modern racers due to lapstrake construction, just like dimples on a golf ball!
Cloud Nine421973 North Sea 38 Pilothouse Trawler, designed and owned originally by Naval Architect Blaine Seeley and built in Japan; design was a predecessor to Pacific Trawler design.
Commencement65Classic Puget Sound fishing vessel built in 1926 by Skansie Shipbuilding & Transportation Co.
Corsair II50Title: a1926 Classic Custom Bridgedeck - one of only 3 yachts built at Martinac Shipyard-Tacoma. Czarinna30Czarinna is a 30 by 8-6 fantail cruiser built in Olympia, WA in 1991 by Sam Devlin. Descant24Power cruiser made from Hydrotek marine plywood, African mahogany, triple sealed in epoxy resin & fiberglass. Dirigo II74One of a kind, traditional & restored 74', 1939 gaff rigged tops'l Alden schooner, built at the Goudy and Stevens Yard, East BoothBay, Maine. On 25 July 1888, an inebriated crew ran SS Beaver aground on rocks at Prospect Point in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.
The Lightship Swiftsure was built in 1904 in New Jersey, and today is one of the oldest lightships left in the country, as well as the only one with it’s original steam engine still intact.

This engine hasn’t run since 1960, but all the workings are clean and in surprisingly good shape. Welcome Boaters and Visitors to the 39th Annual Victoria Classic Boat Festival!September 2nd-4th, 2016.Proudly presented by Canoe Cove Marina and Boatyard. The Pacific Northwest on both sides of the border is blessed with an enormous number of traditional boats of all descriptions.
Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters  - without them this event would not be possible. Pierre Dory Lines & Offsets and from builder Karl Sebastian's involvement with North Pacific halibut dories around Kodiak, AK. She was built in Steveston, BC and fished the Queen Charlotte Islands and Alaska for 30 years. The cold molded cedar and oak hull combined with vintage Stuart Turner classic engine evoke memories of simpler times. We are placed in the Exploited and new yacht and gravy holder for sales event take boat building kits and plans stock at crest motor super sumptuosity and mega yacht brokerage. Full restoration, including new engine, completed by current students of the Northwest School of Wooden BoatBuilding. Powered by a Cummins diesel inboard-outboard, she cruises at 18 knots with good fuel economy.
Largely abandoned since her retirement in 1960, it is full of water damage, peeling paint, and trash.
Starting today, more than 5,000 sailors will move into Seattle for Seafair’s annual Fleet Week. We are also fortunate to have some amazing maritime non-profit organizations throughout the region, including the Maritime Museum of BC, Port Townsend Wooden Boat Foundation, SALTS, Seattle Centre for Wooden Boats, Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre, Victoria Tall Ships Society, Silva Bay Shipyard School and the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding to name a few.
If you are considering the purchase of a wooden gravy boat Thank you for screening Most of the boats we agent are stored at our warehouse. Bluenose Yacht Sales & securities firm Portland Maine is selling new boats such every bit Yacht Brokers specializing in Graeco-Roman wooden boats including construction. Along with the Parade of Ships and Flight, there will be FREE tours on many of the vessels!FREE SEATTLE: We give out 100s of $$$ in free tickets every week including to many of the top events in Seattle.
These dedicated organizations provide opportunities for education, training, skills development and economic growth in our communities. Downeast Yachts and Lobster Boats For Midcoast Yacht & Ship Brokerage is type A knowledgeable Full divine service Yacht.
The boat owners and those that support them are why we are still celebrating our maritime heritage after 39 years. Offers a all-inclusive range of classic yachts including full We throw cheap boat plans been buying and selling wooden boats for over twenty years. Sammamish Road, Issaquah, WA.For expert paddlers or those looking to try sea kayaking or stand-up paddling for the first time, the fifth annual Northwest Paddling Festival is THE place to be to get started for a summer on the water.
But the action is intense as paddlers push, shove, thrust, and wedge their way into the opposing team’s territory.

Military aircraft will fly overhead for the public to watch in celebration of the men and women who serve our country.Parade of ShipsThe Leschi Seattle FireboatThe Leschi, built in 2007, is a 108-foot fireboat that can shoot 22,000 gallons of water per minute and travel at 14 knots.
This exciting exhibition match is compliments of the Kirkland Kayak Polo Club, many of whose members have been playing for 20 years.NEW! Features include a 55′ crane with a telescoping fire line and ladder, an infrared (thermal imaging) camera, and a medical treatment center.
The guides will lead paddlers to one of the biggest heronries in the state and explore the mouth of Issaquah Creek. First timers can jump on the dryland simulator located atthe Mountain to Sound Outfitters booth to get a feel for the sport.  After the dry run they can join Alki Kayak Tours instructors for a basic introduction on the water. Navy)USS Chancellorsville carries guided missiles and rapid-fire cannons, with anti-air, anti-surface and anti-subsurface capabilities. The top three male and female finishers will qualify to race in the inaugural Seafair Northwest Paddling Championship on Saturday, Aug. The four-mile Seafair championship race will take place on the hydroplane race course on Lake Washington, in front of tens of thousands of on-land and on-water spectators, and will be televised by KIRO TV.NEW! Swap Meet managed by Washington Kayak Club, Saturday 2– 5 pmThe swap meet is the chance for paddlers to get their gear in front of 2,000+ paddling enthusiasts and get some cash to buy new gear or snag some bargains.  There’s no charge for this, attendees need simply to price and tag their gear and bring it to the festival.NEW! Coast Guard’s missions, which include search and rescue, defense operations, law enforcement and environmental protection.HMCS Brandon (Royal Canadian Navy)HMCS Brandon has served in the Canadian Forces since 1999 and is currently assigned to Maritime Forces Pacific. Kids ZoneKids 8 years and older can kayak in a single or double up with their parents, but even the youngest of paddlers can join in the fun testing out the Aqua Paddler paddle boats. The vessel is homeported at CFB Esquimalt and stretches 181 feet in length.HMCS Edmonton (Royal Canadian Navy)HMCS Edmonton (MM 703) has served in the Canadian Forces since 1997.
It was built for the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Project.Parade of FlightCH-53E The mighty Sikorsky CH-53 Echo Super Stallion helicopter is one of the largest operational military helicopters in the world today and is the backbone of Marine Corps heavy vertical lift.
This mighty helicopter is capable of carrying over 30,000 pounds of cargo including High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, better know as HUMVEEs, howitzers, personnel and more.AH-1Z The AH-1 Zulu is a significantly improved version of the venerable AH-1J and T models, which have served the Marine Corps since 1968. These aircraft from Marine Medium Helicopter Training Squadron 164 (HMMT-164) are a Fleet Replacement Squadron based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Known as the Knightriders, they also fall under the command Marine Aircraft Group 39 (MAG-39) and the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (3rd MAW).MV-22B Not quite a helicopter, not quite an airplane, one of the newest aircraft to enter the operational Marine Fleet is the MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft. The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American multi-mission, military, tiltrotor aircraft with both a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capability. Coast Guard will demonstrate how they minimize the loss of life and injury by rendering aid to persons in distress in the maritime environment using the MH-65 Dolphin helicopter.Ship Rider Program This summer you have the chance to ride aboard a United States Navy or a United States Coast Guard vessel! As a ship rider at Fleet Week, you will be able to explore a ship for six to eight hours with lunch included aboard the ship. This is a day you don’t want to miss!CLICK HERE for more information & for an application to be a part of the Ship Rider program!

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