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An excellent boat that is easy to tow, easy to carry, easy to row and is easily convertible to a sailing rig. Note the addition of a bracket on the Port side for a Anode and the plate on the STB for a transom mount X-ducer. I think the corrosion on the transom has nothing to do with stray current or wiring, It's caused from salt being trapped between the transom and the motor mount.
That should be one hell of a boat when your done with it if you keep going at it like you are.

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Crevice corrosion: marine grade aluminum will develop a protective oxide coating when exposed to air. Racks of lights, generator box, maybe a arch with a small fan and cage to get ya in stealthy. If you create a personal album, you can move your pics from the Public Album to your personal album.

That is why wood is a particularly bad thing to attach to your AL boat -- it can stay wet and trap water against the AL. It's also why an unpainted hull is nice -- paint can eventually scratch and invite blistering from crevice corrosion.

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