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Sandpiper III, a lobster yacht, was built for a Rhode Island couple as a day cruiser and has accommodations for overnight trips.
Down below, she has an enclosed head, v-berth with cushions, and hand-laid teak cabin sole.
South Shore Boatworks builds the Gurnet Point 25 as lobster top, bass boat or center console models. Arsenic successful as the wheel spoke chine plywood monohull designs have been this design has shown that this construction method is even better for catamaran hulls. In this season 3 episode, Tommy creates a beautiful chaise lounge from 25 individual pieces of red oak wood. Wood steam bending techniques are as old as the ships built by Vikings, steaming wood over a hot fire, but thank goodness we live in modern times!
Tommy learned that the boat’s wood stock is held in the steam box for about a half hour and quickly clamped and assembled into the required curved form of the boat for the inside staves and the outside shape before the wood cools down. Back at the Rough Cut shop with Tommy’s wall paper steamer, he found that it would take an additional hour more to bend the wood, due to the lower temperature capability of the machine. To learn more about the International Yacht Restoration School in Rhode Island, plan your own Rough Cut Road Trip to the school or click on the photo above!
A block of wood held the valves in place while the springs were compressed and the keepers removed.
It belongs on Roann and now that her mast is back in place it no longer fits down the companionway. There is a British television program called Three Men in a Boat and as part of the series they are using Aphrodite for a segment. Last week I posted a picture of Roann?s stove being taken apart in the DuPont Preservation barn.

The steamer was cooking the next to last plank all morning long and just after lunch the guys pulled it out.
The Seaport is hosting a play to help to celebrate Charles W Morgan?s arrival at Mystic Seaport 70 years ago.
For the part they were making, apparently live oak was going to be too difficult to work with .
Two members of our Scrapin? & Paintin? crew (On the left) returned from a summer of cruising and fun to get their hands dirty again with us. We are in our winter quarters now, AKA the Plastic Palace, named for the plastic walls that keep us warm in the drafty DuPont barn.
If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. While the crowds of summer are gone the seaport is still open and the fall is a wonderful time to come. She features a large open cockpit with custom teak trim and a teak transom seat with cushions and storage underneath.
The owners specified a galley with a single burner stove, traditional icebox and a sink with a brass hand pump. Coincidentally, this is the same boatyard where Will Frost, the legendary designer and builder of lobsterboats, built boats during the 1940s.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I asked what role he played in the show (Producer, cameraman, actor, gofer?) and it turns out he is one of the actors.
The only plank left to do is about ten feet long and that will finish the ceiling plank job.

I guess I was under the assumption that LIVE oak would have been a better choice for durabilty there.
I drilled out the trunnels with an undersized drill bit and was able to drive out the rest with a hammer. All the water from the wash down is collected in an underground cistern and then pumped into this tank. The bow's flare knocked down the spray, allowing little or no water to hit the windshield or cockpit.
By the time I get back to Mystic I?m sure it will be in place so I will miss the very last plank going in.
The shipwright found that the davit needed to be reshaped to bring everything into alignment. Plans for cruising sailing catamarans that tin can be built away the amateur builder in plywood. The large bronze rudder provided very responsive control and the ability to turn the boat in its own length. A bronze anchor platform with teak trim was constructed to accommodate the easy use of the plow-style anchor.
The nav station includes a fully integrated Raynav electronic package as well as the standby Ritchie compass.
Caliber plans for amateur boatbuilders monohull and multihull catamarans sharpies skiffs tycoon catamarans and sailing boats plywood strip plank plywood catamaran plans.

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