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I presume I would want the paddler to sit slightly behind the LCF because I've looked at a lot of kayak pictures and the paddler always seems to be sitting behind the midpoint in the boat. You also must do the hydrostatic calculations (displacement and CB location), and you can do these at any given waterline. Now you know the weight of the paddler you want to support, and this increases the weight of the boat as a whole, so it will float at a deeper waterline. Thanks for your reply, I think I can use FreeShip's built in calculation capabilities to do most of this, but I will check it manually to see if the answers match up. 1- The paddler's weight is distributed over both his butt and his feet, so his CG is somewhere in between, which puts his CG forward of his butt. 2- Since he is typically leaning aft on a backrest his CG may not be forward of his butt, instead it may be almost exactly where his butt is located. Location: Tasmania,Australia People dont lay down much when paddling, mostly they are vertical or even leaning forward while paddling. This appears a good averaging rule of thumb for all the different positions the paddler will put themselves in.
Location: Arlington, WA-USA The best way to do this is use your own body (if it is typical that is), and sit on a plank in your paddling position.
This is a common method for people building skin-on-frame kayaks that are fit to the users body (no fixed dimensions in the design).

For a pretty good approximation, the belly button on a normal person is close to the CG location. From what I've read, the seating position depends on the Center of Gravity in relation to the Longitudinal Center of Buoyancy, not on a particular hull bottom style. No, it's just a fast kayak for paddling in the ocean near shore for several hours at a time. Originally Posted by kengrome From what I've read, the seating position depends on the Center of Gravity in relation to the Longitudinal Center of Buoyancy, not on a particular hull bottom style. I would want to keep my tip up in a beam, following sea, and especially on a wave when beaching, or even going out thru the waves if it was my hull.
Originally Posted by kengrome I'm starting to design a solo sea kayak for the first time and I'm using freeship. Location: Lakeland Fl USA You mentioned pictures of kayaks that appeared to have the paddler fore or aft of the middle of the boat. I've posted some shots of my most recent version of the kayak I intend to build for myself.
As you can see, this boat has a more open cockpit than the Greenland types used for rolling. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

The Piscataqua River wherry was a type of dory developed in the 19th century to ferry people between Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, Maine, before a bridge crossing was constructed. Many upgrades: Universal diesel, new mast 2014, new Doyle sails with roller furling, jib 2013, new standing and running rigging 2013, 2014.
Then again, for all I know this could be just my imagination, and maybe it's just plain wrong.
Augustine, FL, USA You have to make an estimate of the weight and CG location along with the hull design itself. Like original examples, this one has a small compartment under the stern sheets where the ferryman could store his lunch – still a useful feature. This all wooden boat was hand built in 2008 at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia.
I also like it better because my knees can be bent at whatever angle I feel like, and some tighter kayaks don't allow me this much freedom of movement.
Lots of commercially manufactured yaks and many kits, seem to have tended toward the swedeform style.

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