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Indulge in a classic Tahoe tradition this summer at The South Tahoe Wooden Boat Classic, July 26th and 27th located at the Tahoe Keys Marina in South Lake Tahoe.
The South Tahoe Wooden Boat Classic is presented by The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. If you enjoy the boat show then head to The Tahoe Maritime Museum, located in Homewood, California on Tahoe’s North Shore. Best attractions myrtle beach 2016, Best 100 top attractions and things to do in myrtle beach from a local! We have an collection of Georgetown Wooden Boat Show Georgetown Sc Facebook in various styles. Get your boat ready and come and join this unique celebration of wooden boats of all types, from canoes to keel boats.
This show is extra interesting for us because we have the opportunity to see some boats that, before today, we have never seen before, at least that I have never seen before.
There is no question that these Greavette Streamliners represent some very unique Canadian design features, and when restored properly – certainly stand out in a crowd.
On Friday, Matt posted a shot of a Besotes runabout which was popular with some of our regular viewers, so here’s a few more shots of two fine examples of the Besotes marque at this years South Tahoe show. Texx – Reporting from South Lake Tahoe, part of the Hagerty Fantasy Road Trip Series. I wanted to comment on your great post yesterday but it seems there was a glitch for a bit there.
Yeah, owning a boat with a lycoming v-12 would make you smile…until you get a quote for an engine rebuild. Friday, July 26, 2013 to Saturday, July 27, 2013There is nothing quite like rich mahogany reflecting off of the pure blue waters of Lake Tahoe. That's right, if Looe is done, and Bern's boat is there, we could end up with a whole fleet! Hiyall, we are back in Franklin after a few days sailing, after which guilt got the better of us so we are catching up with some maintenance. Great show, and it was fun to host a few people aboard Balia-i don't know how nobody took a photo of 12 of us sitting down for dinner in the cabin on Saturday night!!. Then there's Phil's dad's boat Leofleda: She was launched in 1973 and built from Jarrah, Queensland Maple.

Rusich kept zipping in and out of the marina talking festival goers for joy rides, so when I went back to get some detailed shots she wasn't there (sounds like a song!?!). The King Billy Pine clinker SL Leprena was the 6 oared jolly boat for trading vessel 'LEPRENA' c.1910.
The Lion Class yacht Malohi a 1956 Queensland Beech Carvel Sloop designed by Arthur Robb and built by Jim Perry. Vanity launched in 1911 Huon Pine yacht designed by Alf Blore & William Hand, built by Charles Lucas. View their impressive collection of boats dating back to the 1800?s that document Lake Tahoe’s boating history. Paul Anderson, i have a 1936 Clipper Cruiser and i would very much like to talk to you about your restoration of Klondike. Music, wine, food, vendors and more than 85+ of the world's rarest boats bring together the fascinating and priceless history behind these elegant machines. As a 501C3 organization, we are pleased to be able to make gifts to deserving charities that meet our charter's philosophy.
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Gloria of Hobart was launched in 2006 built by the Wilson Brothers in Cygnet (who are building an 8M right now) in King Billy Pine cold moulded From copies of the original drawings of L.F. Designed by Leigh Anderson, Built by Dave Kew & John Young, Leofleda is a development of a South Australian cray boat design, Lady Edna, from Corney Point, York Peninsula. Sorry we didn't get a bit more time with you though, we popped down to Balia a couple of times but managed to pick the wrong time each time. After 'LEPRENA' was wrecked, it was a fishing boat with motor & well, working from Recherche. This yacht is the result of the builder dedicating 10 years of love and care to bring this beautiful example of their craftsmanship to fruition.
Launched in 1914 Huon Pine Topsail Yawl designed by Alf Blore and built by Wyn Tatnell & William Ball, Gypsy has been owned by the Knight family since 1919, over 4 generations. This is the same design as Siandra that Nikki Perryman writes about voyaging on in Classic Boat Magazine. Along with the timeless mixture of masterfully restored wooden boats reflecting off the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe, you’ll also enjoy live music, an array of food and shopping, a wine tasting village and a festive, family-friendly atmosphere.

Its mission is to bring together people with a common interest in historic, antique and classic boats for the purpose of sharing information, experiences and ideas.
The museum is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year, Friday to Monday, 11am to 5pm. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Georgetown Wooden Boat Show Georgetown Sc Facebook interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. We all reep the benefits of your generosity in this Lifestyle but not all of us remember to say thanks.
This year more than 3,000 people will embark on a historical journey which will feature the power and thunder of the 1930s. Herreshoff 'Mobjack' design # 63, plans first arrived in 1987 after an exchange of letters with his elderly secretary. She has cruised 15,000 sea miles in Australian and Pacific waters and is now moored in Franklin, Tasmania. Lady Lyn was found derelict in 2002 and restored over two years, removing the original internal combustion engine and fitting a steam plant. Converted to steam (1998) by installing a single cylinder, double acting, 3' bore, 4' stroke engine and vertical fire tube boiler. Tomboy was found as the Leo Eugene at Cygnet in 2005 and restored to current condition by her owner and Bruce Sault over 5 years. A Marine Surveyors comment: 'It is an uncommon pleasure to inspect a traditionally built vessel that has been built and maintained to this standard'. Launched on 20th January 1956, Malohi was designed by Arthur Robb and built by Jim Perry for Neville McEnnally. In 1930 Vanity was lengthened from 26' 8” to 40' on deck and went on to win the Dewar Shield four times from 1930 to 1936. It’s a great ways to spend your day taking in the summer sun at gorgeous Lake Tahoe and seeing a bit of boating history.
Built of white beech on spotted gum frames, she had a new Oregon mast and boom and new rigging fitted in 2007.

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