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Cannell, Payne & Page Yacht Brokers, Camden, Maine, experienced specialists in the sale of classic, traditional and wooden boats, but selling all boats of quality, including Hunt and other powerboats and fiberglass sailboats. A blemished canoe or kayak is a boat that may have a cosmetic imperfection like a scuff or scratch.
There are so many reasons to consider acquiring a Hunt Yacht at Cannell Payne & Page, but here are a few of the important ones.
Second, these are strikingly handsome yachts, modern yet classic a€“ head-turners anywhere you go. And fifth, our familiarity with Hunt Yachts a€“ and all their options a€“ along with our experience as boat builders and restoration experts ourselves can not only help you spec out the Hunt which best matches your desires and requirements but back that up with the full service of Yachting Solutions. Come talk with us about Hunt Yachts, whether new or used (you can browse Hunt Yacht brokerage listings below). The punts -- there were several between my 9th and 16th years -- were built by my father in the basement of our house. I asked few questions about boatbuilding for fear of seeming interested and being pressed into service sanding or planing, or worse, watching. So 14 years ago when I moved to Troy across the street from Greg Rossel, and saw his "Boat Carpentry" sign tucked cozily outside his house along with a constantly changing assortment of sailboats in his driveway, I immediately felt sorry for him, thinking that there must be a life of constant discouragement and sunken ships. Like his previous book Building Small Boats," The Boatbuilder's Apprentice is written in an affable, precise style that unpretentiously assures us building a small boat is within almost anybody's range of possibilities. It then proceeds to a readable overview of different hulls, including concise definitions of terms whose meaning is not self-evident to the uninitiated. A section of the book outlines different materials and offers suggestions for setting up the workshop.

Since I do not intend to build a boat, the reading of this book was for me more of a cruise down memory lane.
First, Hunt-designed deep-V hulls offer legendary performance: a softer, drier and nicer ride, ability to track straight with fingertip steering up, down or across waves, and efficient running that minimizes fuel consumption.
The style is regarded as timeless, which certainly contributes to a Hunt's ability to retain value a€“ and your pride.
My father flew his seaplane on various missions around Casco Bay in the 1960s, including spotting schools of fish for sardine seiners and "hopping passengers," which meant giving 15-minute tourist rides for $3.
I did everything in my power to instead be playing baseball and reading James Bond novels, and never learned the craft of boatbuilding. It opens with an easygoing discussion of why you might build a boat and a survey of projects that might suit your purposes, budget and time constraints. The unfinished speedboat of my boyhood, I learned, had a lapstrake hull, "one of the oldest [methods] where the top edge of each plank is beveled, overlapped by, and fastened to the bottom edge of the next one up." Other hulls described in careful detail include carvel (smooth), plywood, and cross-planked, which was used in our punts. Different operations and techniques, from lofting to oarlocks, are described in lucid detail, and there are useful appendices and an excellent glossary of terms. But the vividness it triggered attests to the clarity of what in someone else's hands could be very dry text. Well-spaced cockpits allow room for a center hatch with a curved bulkhead that makes a great spot for the family dog. Hunt is the only yacht manufacturer to offer their customers a wide range of drive options, these include gas and diesel engine package choices Additionally, customers can choose the drive train that best suits their needs. The advantages of this help to explain the esteem held by Hunt Yachts, especially among experienced yachtsmen.

From the age of about 8, I was the appointed volunteer assistant, a post which eventually entailed ferrying passengers between dock and airplane in a flat-bottomed punt with an antique 15-horse Johnson outboard motor. As in his previous books, Rossel's good humor, his precision, and his love and knowledge of boatbuilding flood through the writing. Take it out for as long as you want, with whatever you want, and enjoy streamlined efficiency all the way to camp and back home. Traditional Direct Drive, Stern Drive and Jet are all options Hunt Customers can choose from to customize their boats to their particular needs. On several the transoms were too weak for the motor; the Johnson kept leaping off one of them into the sea.
But I found out after many an entertaining conversation with him, boatbuilding is nothing like my memories of it. When one was finally finished, you still couldn't use it because you first had to sink it for a week so the planking would swell up and the boat would become watertight.
Its half-built frame lingered in basements and backyards for years, and became a sort of family symbol, a tale I will not go into here.

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