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Here is a selection of craft that we can recommend, because quite simply they are good boats. I must admit the last time I put down Dynel was a very long time ago but I did like the result , that said I'm certainly open to improvements . If you leave the weave partly unfilled on deck to provide grip as I think you may have been suggesting, where you fill the weave around the edge you'll end up with a lip.
I sprinkled sugar crystals into it and washed them out ( dissolved them with water ) after. I'd say it depends on quite a few different factors, including the paint and method of non-skid used, for example a soft paint will likely wear quite a bit quicker than a two pack paint..
From Williamstown, over the West Gate Bridge, then all the way round to Yaringa on Western Port.
I once took a Tumlaren mast home from Port Adelaide to Norton Summit in the Hills, on top of a Morris Minor. Offered For Sale for the first time in years, is the beautiful restored Paynesville Fishing Boat Memory.

Marie LouiseWhat seems a lifetime ago this old couta boat was brought to us for a new deck and cabin. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
I've seen a few jobs where it was wearing off quite badly and I guess that left something of a bad impression . OK if you cut parts of the weave out at intervals to form drains but I'd suggest easier and neater to fill the weave all over to give you a smooth deck from cabin sides over to hull edge then mask up the edges and apply a non skid - or perhaps even another open weave layer on top specifically for the non skid if you wanted to go down the weave for non skid path, leaving the edges smooth. But as BF said at the acrylic and sugar works well for him, I've had very good results with the off the shelf non skid additives broadcast over two pack paint then added a thin top coat over that and will stick with that formula myself in Larrikin (unless I use a teak veneer). My last mast transport was a lightweight part carbon 9 meter skiff stick, this one will be just over 11 meters. I'll be bringing Pipsqueak's mast home next week on the roof racks and using a trailer to `legalize' it. She is 23.6 ft Carvel Hull, built from New Zealand Kauri complete with fibreglass sheathing for effortless maintenance.

Countless man hours were spent on an intensive refurbishment from top to bottom, recreating a truly wonderful classic cruiser.
It didnt overhang the front of the tow vehicle at all, it was just more than allowed length in front of the hitch or something. Powered by a super smooth Twin Cylinder Volvo Penta, Memory is ready for years of lazy Sunday cruises with family, friends and the odd show off to clients. A brand new custom made spray hood and cover top off what is a wonderful opportunity to own a piece of Victorian maritime history.

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