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All American Marine’s charter boats require minimal maintenance and can easily withstand the five-month day-in, day-out use and abuse that charter boats receive. FRV Next Generation is staged in Portland for immediate deployment on the Columbia River and Oregon Coast. All American Marine is a leading manufacturer of monohull and catamaran charter boats for the Alaska sports fishing fleet. The tough to miss rocket launcher pole storage and pot puller give you the idea that this boat means business.

Portland, OR: NRC has responded to thousands of marine and land-based oil spill incidents around the globe and maintains stockpiles of oil spill equipment around the US and internationally for immediate response.
The forward deck features boarding doors on port and starboard, cargo deck tie-downs, 12v down rigger mounts and roof mounted fishing pole holders.
Friday Harbor, WA: San Juan County Public Works Department is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of all County roads, buildings and Solid Waste Transfer Stations within the county.
Long Island, NY: When we sat down to design this private island service boat with the customer, we did so with the knowledge that it would be the family's only lifeline to civilization and support.

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