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This weekend was a beautiful sneak peek at fall: wonderful weather, football, good friends, the lake after Labor Day, and Merlin. Back when boats were made of proper materials like wood, chrome, and brass their lines were drawn for speed and handling not maximum seating capacity.
Yes, Merlin is a reproduction of a 1930’s Gold Cup race boat, not an original antique but driving Merlin is an authentic thrill. It takes just a nudge to get Merlin out of the hole, cruising is a comfortable ride with the long bow and weight of the motor in front of you. Photo of old wooden fishing boats and red shed in Hecla Village on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Hecla Island, Manitoba, Canada.
Photo of two old wooden fishing boats and a bright red shed in Hecla Village on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Hecla Island, Manitoba, Canada.Along the shores of the beautiful Lake Winnipeg is the Hecla Village.
TitleOld Wooden Fishing Boats Hecla Village Shores of Lake Winnipeg Hecla Island Manitoba CanadaPhoto of old wooden fishing boats and red shed in Hecla Village on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Hecla Island, Manitoba, Canada.
Craig Goldberg could tell you just by the sound of a engine whether or not it’s an antique wooden boat.

Harold Thompson worked for a well known local establishment performing maintenance on wooden boats 30+ years ago.
Regardless of your age or status – nearly everyone loves to see a classic antique boat. Out of production since the 1990s, this historic model makes a return to the Donzi lineup for 2007. The Sweet 16 offers the same great features as other models in Donzi’s Classic line, yet its unique wraparound seating allows you to take full advantage of this beauty’s compact cockpit. I was invited down to the lake to experience the magic of Merlin and since the light was perfect, we took advantage of the opportunity and broke out the camera gear. Cold molded wood construction and modern big-block power mean little more maintenance than a production plastic boat assuming you take care of your tupperware. Merlin sort of skids into turns until the inside chine bites and digs then you slingshot out of the turn and accelerate again, skipping down the lake.
He also refinishes, rebuilds and recreates every part of a wooden boat to its original condition.

By restoring the wooden boats Craig is refreshing the memories of many that have forgotten what it’s like to be in a wooden boat. Whether it’s the sound of the engine, water running under the wooden planks or the smell of varnish, memories come to mind. With its sleek lines and nimble sports-car handling, this low-slung rocket became one of the most celebrated fiberglass boats of all time. When Merlin runs down the lake heads turn and faces light up with big grins, especially from the older generation who have seen the faded pictures and heard the stories.
Each model boasts the trademark blend of style, performance, all-out thrills and exclusivity that have earned them a place in history, and a cult following like nothing else on the water.

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