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There are a number of details that I have added to the boat that should not be considered in trying to identify it.
Keith added numbers stamped into the wood in the stern between the gunnels, as well as the required coast guard tag.  There were also gussets under the rowers seat on the frames to reinforce for the stacking of boats.
The four clues regarding the boat’s builder that I find intriguing are (1) the very clear panels, (2) the protective battens that run longitudinally along the underside (a dangerous feature long ago abandoned), (3) the removable transom plate and (4) the location of your purchase (southern Oregon).  When Woodie Hindman sold his boat business to Marty Rathje in 1954 he and Ruthie moved to Crescent City.
Yes, it was Woodie's custom to apply a 10th mini frame that resided under the fly line deck but a note in his diary in his later years (post 1954) questioned the value of that frame.
Prior to November of 1972 the US Coast Guard did not require a standard HIN like we see today.
I think it is a very fair guess, and a likely place to start the investigation, to assume that the number on the plate stand for the 616th boat built by the builder and that it was finished in 1971.  It is very common that the last two numbers of any HIN are the year.
I put in the stern seat, the rear knee brace, the slats across the bow compartment, the anchor system, and the aluminum chine strips, but otherwise it is as I found it. However, the photo taken not too long before he died in my last post shows that 10th frame.
The number was decided and recorded by the manufacturer without standard from one builder to the next. It is a v8 engine Hispano Suiza Model A with a transmission Capitol Marine from St Paul, Minnesota.

If the limber holes are the ones in the horizontal ribs on the floor, they are semi-circular, not square. Several of his boats then were river dories comparable to the Glen Wooldridge power skiffs, but he built some McKenzies too, in spite of a non-compete clause he had signed with Rathje (pic).
The way the ribs and the gunwale angles are cut tells me this may have been a factory built boat of some kind. The last number on the tag is more than likely a hull identification number assigned by someone.
The plywood is clear on both sides and the distance from the scarf joint to the bow (stern?) is over 9'. I have always assumed that the '900' is a weight capacity, the '4' is either number of passengers or outboard horsepower, the '15' is the length of the boat, and '61971' I always thought might be a date code. By the way I fished up there,Balls ferry last weekend,was a little slow but cought a few nice rainbows. As with Keith Steele, Woodie (to my knowledge) did not put the identifier on the stem post or the down river end of the boat. In McKenzie country, the prow is the stern and the transom is the bow, hence the plates were traditionally posted on or near the transom. The second piece that diverts the compass heading away from Woodie is the date on the stem plate, if that is in fact the date of the build.

I am puzzled, though, that as late as 1971 a responsible builder would install protective battens on the underside.
If the boat was built by someone in the “know”, then those battens suggest a boat built a couple of decades earlier.
If the boat was built in 1971 then (to me) it suggests a boat built by a pretty decent home boat builder. The only other southern Oregon option I can think of is Willard Lucas (Lucas Lodge, Agnes). He built a mighty fine McKenzie too, but again, those battens just don’t fit a commercial builder in 1971.
Regardless the builder, your boat is a mighty fine piece of work, and kudos to you for making it the treasure it appears to be.

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