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When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Looking for advice and plans and builders for a wood jet sled in thee style of Dean river boats.
Personally, if I were going with a power boat to run rivers with there is no way I would want it made out of wood. If any of you guys are at all interested in him and a ton of Rogue history please read, The Rogue: A River To Run by Florence Arman, spectacular book.
The boat was situated up with a astuteness discoverer bend saddle horse trolling motor 2 endure wells w aerators it was about sentence to get to work on overhauling the boat and making a scissor blind.
There's so many reasons these types of boats have evolved into being made out of aluminum, I'm sure you can figure out why.
For it I built a real simple scissor blind on my Little Phoebe bottom boat duck boat scissor blind plans.

Talk over everything related to circumvent blinds and put off blind building here But nothing working on for anyone who is interested in building their own gravy boat blind duck boat scissor blind plans. I later found Power Drifter plans at Glen L ,Which I hope to make some slight changes to accommodate mobility challenged folk.
This sled can be rowed or powered so the owner can run the river and return to the ramp where the boat was launched avoiding the shuttle. New Subfloor inwards and preparation the new layout Nice job to bad that nice rug will get all murky and bloody from ducks.
As the motors went from prop to jet the back of the boat got wider to carry the extra weight and the jet sled was born.
NC Duck Orgs Http duckpics l duck boat scissor blind plans duck boat scissor blind plans Had any plans on how to build a scissor blind for a 16 foot St. In fact they are built in 18', 20', and 22' configurations to handle different sections of the river.

The long 22'ers work the easy waters of the lower river while the shorter boats handle the very technical upper sections.
Running up stream bow first they have plenty of control to wiggle through the rock gardens. Coming downstream they "back down", using the motor the same way we would use oars to slow and manuver back and forth.

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