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I am interested in doing a circumnavigation in the next year or two so want to start looking for a boat. How about that new 36' centerboard schooner Boothbay Harbor Shipyard had at the WoodenBoat Show?
Jim, your probably right regarding the more secure feeling and comfortable motion associated with being in that relatively deep and well sheltered center cockpit; but one still had to steer and handle the main from the rear cockpit of this particular boat. Quite interesting to see the number of articles about Spray lately in Good Old Boat, WoodenBoat and Classic Boat.
Back over 4th of July while I was up in Belfast, a couple had just sailed in from the UK in this.
For serious cruising 2 adults and 2 young-uns, I would consider something like Taleisin built by Larry Pardy, designed by Lyle Hess.
Nirvana is a heavy cruising yacht designed to sail the world’s oceans in style, grace, beauty, safety, comfort, and class.

On multi-day trips to Santa Catalina Island and the other Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California, Nirvana can sleep up to five guests inside the cabin and a couple more under the stars in the cockpit. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. He circumnavigated with his family on Danza a 60' steel sistership to British Steel, that Chay Blyth sailed around the world in 1970.
There is a warmth, a charm, a smell, a coziness, and a feel of romance that exudes from all the beautiful wood surrounding you when you’re down below that is unique to wooden boats. She is wired for sound with a 600W stereo system and speakers all over the boat for that surround-sound effect. Iwalani completed her circumnavigation in 2003 and I saw her for sale at the WBShow in Rockland after that.

She is called a Sea Spirit by her creator, Hugh Angelman, who designed her in 1954 as the little sister of his very popular 50? model called a Sea Witch which he designed in 1937. Wooden boats have an easy swooshing sound and motion that cannot be duplicated with any other material.
When falling off to sleep, you will hear the creaking of the wooden boards she was built with as she gently sways in the light nightly breeze. Wooden boats are a natural and, having been around a very long time, are proven to be safe.

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