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Back in the old days, there were a lot of simple plywood boat plans in magazines, most popular were sailboat plans, canoe plans and kayak plans. Below are free download boat plans that are so old, their copyrights expired and they get passed around the internet.
They aren't PDRacers, but becuase they are plywood boat plans they have interesting details which you might adapted to your duck, and might help you understand more about building boats in general.
Back to PDRacer Free Boat Plans including full download wood boat plans from professional boat designers.
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If any of you all can give me an idea what I have and perhaps its value I'd love to hear back from you. Location: Eustis, FL Boats of that era where hand built by maters and also by the dozen. It doesn't really mater anyway, she looks to still have her shape (mostly), though it's probable you'll have to replace nearly everything. Good luck with her, she pretty and could be a nice project, but you'll have some time in her, before she's spanking the wet stuff again. There's no doubt putting this lass back in the water would be a labor of love, rather than an investment. Originally Posted by ptoe I have recently acquired this old wooden sailing boat (dory?), found at a junkyard in NC.
You just might be lucky and she had spent the last 70 years or so stored in a barn somewhere.

Location: California I tried googling 'Westermoen - Mandal, Norway', and came up with the name of a shipyard there. Unfortunately, the company eventually changed its name to Westamarin, and went out of business in the late 1990's. My suggestion would be to contact the Norwegian Maritime Museum, and see if you can can interest anyone there in trying to track down the provenance of one of the country's wayward daughters. Our friend has posted the same question on WB forum, but like here he didn't show up yet to give some additional info like dimensions or so, or answer to the responses he got. But I thought the boat in the WB post #2 is an interesting one, so for my own info, and for the folks here, I tracked down this thread and this website about that one. About the value of the post#1 boat, I guess it's about the same as this Koster that was bought 7 years ago as a love baby and now is for free on Bone Yard Boats . I've only had a quick glance at below links, so check them out yourself if there is useful info about above boat . Location: Eustis, FL Considering it's many possible heritages, it could be one of several boats.
Location: Belgium I've posted the Koster from Bone Yard Boats here as an example what the topic boat might be worth in her current condition, and how many projects like that go.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. 1,478 Wooden boats clipart vector illustrations available to search from thousands of royalty free illustration and stock art designers. Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need. Most where considered disposable and broken up when their useful life was over, hardware transferred to the new boat, by the more frugal. You might run across a number, builder's plate or some other identification as you disassemble her, but don't be surprised if you come up empty too.

Restoration is often more costly then just building a new one, using the old one as a pattern.
If you have considerable experience, you might break even, maybe a small margin for beer money. BTW, some links about the Koster in post#10 are dead now for me, but maybe they'll come back.
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If you contemplate doing the restoration yourself, it may turn out to be an undertaking that would use up a considerable chunk of your lifetime.
If restored by a yard or facility that specializes in that kind of work, the cost might exceed the resale value.
This is because it's a lot more work to remove a part, strip it, fix it, refinish it, then reinstall it on the boat, compared to just making a new one. Most certainly not concerned about the value, it is not why I dragged it home from the junkyard! If you want to keep, use, and cherish the delightful little character boat, then restoration cost is only a secondary consideration.
She doesn't look to be a Koster (not fat enough, though hard to tell from the photos) and she has a Danish feel to her to me.
It takes quite a bit of experience to know what is a good candidate for restoration and what isn't. Have not done any serious restoration before, but do not want to ruin it but just a project I am looking forward to and wanted to see if anyone could shed some light on what I have here.

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