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Location: San Juan Islands I can see where the shadows on the hull may have confused the OP. You have to agree that picture shows something different unusual at least for my experiences.
Originally Posted by Dryfeet I can see where the shadows on the hull may have confused the OP. I would very much appreciate any comments whether sofar anything wrong with the following diamentions. Location: Eustis, FL The hull form modeled there, wold typically be referred to as a freak and not to be taken very seriously, for obvious reasons. Location: Lakeland Fl USA I presume that the middle drawing is the curve of areas of your boat.
Location: auckland nz If you're going to carry a cat rig right up front, you will need more substance there to carry mast weight and more buoyancy for the sail power to lean onto - and not push the bow down - as will surely happen with your fine bowed design, hard steering will result.
Your as drawn boat would be okay with a conventional rig stepped further aft, then you could keep your fine and hollow bow, which you obviously like. This 18 foot design carries a double cat rig (sketch) and balances very well, is powerful and fast.
Location: argentina Adriano, you are more or less ok on some buttocks of the bodyplan view, but far away on the other views.
Originally Posted by quequen Adriano, you are more or less ok on some buttocks of the bodyplan view, but far away on the other views.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. BEETLE CAT (1921 - 2016)  - Celebrating 95 Years!The Beetle Cat boat is a 12 foot, gaff rigged, wooden sailboat first built in 1921 by the Beetle family of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Make sure you visit our News & Events section to catch up with what we've been up to lately.
Your ad will also be active on our Facebook applicaton and submitted to many other classified web sites with millions of visitors! This is a wonderful boat, 27 feet, very fast, PHRF of 189, Great racing machine, Good Rule beater! Remarks: Two burner cooktopthat uses propane (20gallons lasts along time)110 voltage inverter.
Remarks: Sails beautifully -- 1969 fiberglass -sturdy, strog, stiff (does not bend when pushed or stepped on) Outboard in well means motor is out of sight. Penned by the late great Bill Crealock and introduced by Pacific Seacraft in 1984, the Dana, at only 24 feet on deck, is perhaps the consummate pocket cruiser. Although the Dana 24 has never been a cheap boat to buy, owners can console themselves with the lower maintenance bills from a blue water cruiser of diminutive size. It could be said that the Pacific Seacraft of yesteryear had an affinity for pocket cruisers. It was Bill Crealock, well respected for his seaworthy designs, who got the commission for the new boat and by 1984 the Dana 24 was introduced.
Pacific Seacraft ceased production of the Dana 24 in 1997, but after a three year hiatus interest was reignited as the economy slowed. In 2007, Pacific Seacraft entered receivership before changing hands to its new owner, Stephen Brodie.
The Dana 24 is a moderate displacement cruiser, below the waterline you’ll find a full keel with a forefoot cutaway and a keel-hung rudder. The boat retains the signature cutter rig, that’s so popular among the blue water fraternity. The cockpit provides good protection from the elements and there are two generously sized cockpit drains. She has an open plan interior with hand rubbed oiled teak cabinetry, and a teak-and-holly sole that gives her a beautifully warm and inviting feel. Beneath the forward berth are two large drawers and a drop locker. The cabin shelving has removable fiddles and the hanging locker is louvered for extra ventilation. True to Pacific Seacraft tradition, the hull and deck are solidly constructed from hand laminated fiberglass.
Since 1989 the boat has had eight rectangular bronze port lights in place of the original round bronze ports. Like all Crealock designs, the Dana 24 integrates a good deal of comfort in a well controlled and balanced hull.
Light air performance is not her strength, unless set up particularly well and skillfully sailed, don’t expect too much boat speed, she is after all a heaver displacement boat on the grand scheme of things.
One acknowledged weakness is her inability to hove-to, her high freeboard in her bow sections coupled with a big forefoot cutaway on her keel means her nose is too easily knocked away.

The Dana 24 is a well proven boat and to date no significant weaknesses in her construction have been found.
Add your stories, experiences, tidbits, updated information - whatever you think is useful to others.
I bought a Dana last year and her name is Wizard’s Tide we were wondering how she got that name.
As you queried I have been unable to find the information to verify the claim of circumnavigation in a Dana 24 and have altered the article accordingly.
Also: I am not sure about your information on the Dana being the first commissioned boat Crealock designed for PS. I do know personally of at least two Atlantic crossings; and four Pacific crossings (including one to New Zealand and one to Japan).
The pre-1998 run ended with a hull number in the 200s … #222 was built in 1997 and the last one of which I know in the series. You can verify these numbers with Max at Seacraft Yachts but a total run of 348 is NOT accurate. Lightweight Sailboat Kits That You Can Build Our collection of sailboat kit designs from 8 to 31 feet.
14" Hand Crafted Wood Canel Boat From UkSail Boat With Fabric Sails Look Nice Spectacular Three Masted Signed Solid Sterling Silver 985 Sail Boat Yacht ShipVintage 1934 Endeavour Model Boat Good Condition 4 ' X 4.5'Model Ship Belem Beautiful 21in. A catboat is a traditional hull of wide flat form, usually centerboard, with beam typically half of length,and with a single mast mounted far forward. You will surely wish to change the lines of the boat so that the area distribution is a lot closer to the curve of a conventional boat. Not saying this is the apotheosis of dinghy design but just an example of a similar sized hull to your own. The boat combines traditional styling with the kind of keen craftsmanship and solid construction upon which Pacific Seacraft built its reputation.
Her shallow draft allows for exploration in cruising grounds larger yachts cannot, and her design, now over 25 years old, is well proven with a number of ocean crossings to her credit. Right from the get go, the company introduced the Pacific Seacraft 25 and later the Orion 27, both strong and capable offshore cruisers designed by one of the co-founders himself, Henry Morschladt. She was fairly well received, in fact a respectable 222 boats were sold in the subsequent fifteen years before a booming mid-1990s economy shifted interest to bigger boats. In this time there’s been little to improve upon the little Dana 24, the boat remains almost unchanged, a true testament to the quality of Crealock’s original design.
Her sheerline is elegant and she has a memorably plumb bow with a teak bowsprit platform. Compromise on her size means that she is lacking the distinctive Crealock double-ended stern in favor of a wide and almost vertical transom. Some have optionally been setup for single handing with sheeting and halyard lines led back into the safety of the cockpit.
The interior layout demonstrates excellent functionality and clever use of space. Her interior space is around 50% larger than other boats of similar length, making her feel like a much bigger boat.
The dining table slides out from underneath the v-berth,  above the two drawers, and is a particularly clever feature, having a hinged center which fits around the interior metal post and can be fully or partially extended. The innermost layers are polyester and the outermost layers have utilized osmosis resisting vinylester resin since 1989.
Lead is used as ballast and is encapsulated in fiberglass.  All through-hull fittings are solid bronze. She’s seakindly boat with a mellow motion through the water and her high ballast ratio (nearly 40%) no doubt helps her ultimate stability. In a breeze the Dana comes to life, she points well to windward and sails her best on a reach, while downwind her keel and hull form tracks well without a hint of squirming and with less roll than most. For further research, it’s recommended buyers consult the active community of Dana 24 owners who have an email list running at Yahoo Groups (see below for a link). From pictures it looks like the interior teak was reduced substantially, were there actual changes or did they just take a hair cut on the profit margins? While building and maintaining the Beetle Cat is our main focus here at the Beetle Boat Shop, we are also reaching out to design, build, restore and maintain larger wood boats of all kinds. Yet for all her offshore capabilities she is one of a select few that can go home on a trailer. Instead the molds passed to a dealership in Seattle called Seacraft Yachts who have made the boat available once again (starting with hull number #351).
A flip down cover over the stove provides extra counter space to work with, as does another in the seating area. Chainplates are through-fastened to the hull with stainless steel bolts and full backing plates.
The Crealock philosophy being comfort and stability translates to lower crew fatigue and faster, safer passages.

A new Dana will set you back in the region of $150k USD for the basic model without any of the large range optional and extras. Most of these recent boats are listing for more than that 2001 base price in 2014 which is interesting.
I ordered, bought, and still own Pacific Seacraft’s Dana 24 Hull #348, the last Dana made by Pacific Seacraft. The PD Racer has gained quite a bit of popularity amongst beginner sailors and old salts alike. The task required skillful craftsmen hundreds of hours to accomplish.The Wasa was commissioned in the 17th century, by the King of Sweden to be his countrya€™s finest warship. They developed as working sail for the shallow waters around Cape Cod and Long island sound, but are now usually pleasure craft.
If you're concerned about dragging sterns in light airs, you just shift crew forward and to leeward, which leaves a fine clean wake. Iantha 1945 was lovingly restored over xx geezerhood of operose play by my papa completely away himself well a few kids helped wooden sailboats for sale. Wooden Sail gravy boat Celeste II designed away Francis Kinney and built by Jesperson Boat Builders and is sure to turn heads wherever she is moored.
To starboard there is an enclosed head are with head, integral shower pan, hanging locker and sink with hand pump. The hull to deck joint is a double flange bedded in high tensile polyurethane adhesive compound and through-bolted with stainless bolts.  The interior module is also of vinylester resin and is bonded to the hull with fiberglass mat and woven roving. Dories are small-scale boats with mat bottoms and are made of wood, although posterior versions too bring in purpose of aluminium and fiberglass. During construction, he insisted that the ship be fitted with a second row of cannon in both sides. States Item will be shipped within 4 business days of payment received confirmation via Fedex GROUND (approx.
Your advertising part helps stock marine programs we endorse and offer in embrasure Townsend. Classic wood boats for sale antique boat pictures of restored boats free to lean boats free hunting boats honest-to-god gravy holder brochures. By the early-1980s the company was looking to augment Flicka with a larger boat of similar style.
I have used the boat for local coastal cruising in the Pacific Northwest’s Puget Sound.
Between 001 and 226 there were some cancelled numbers – but I have not taken the time to determine how many. The shipbuilder "Henrik Hybertsson" knew that this would make the ship top heavy, but he dared not argue with the King. I had the boat delivered with a minimum of extras; for example, all three sails are traditional hank-on types.
Cram Yard Boats is a newsletter devoted to finding homes for sometime wooden boats power and twenty items wooden sailboats for sale. Introduction Great Falls Boat Works is a small wooden Boat Building company specializing in boats under 22 feet in length . She was raised on April 24 1961 after 333 years on the sea bottom and completely restored, she now rest in the Stockholm Naval Museum. Ciao, ajmes Silver Raven View Public Profile View Silver Raven's Gallery Find all posts by Silver Raven Page 1 of 3 1 23 > « Displacement vs Actual Wts? Tom Cooper of Seacraft Sales in Seattle, Washington has continued the Pacific Seacraft production of the Dana 24, and knowing Tom, expect that his boats will be very well make also.
As you will see I have not really found a definite direction for this new web site, but I know where it will not go.
Small Sailboats - Sailing the New England Coast Designs for building small sailboats using traditional and glued lapstrake construction. The item will be replaced or a refund will be issued for the full cost of the item when replacement is unavailable.
To get a replacement, please simply return the model (It's the buyers responsibility to return the shipment within 14 days after notifying me) please contact me to get a return authorization.
If this item should run out of stock you will be given the option of a full refund or use the messages system (Ask a Question, Contact Member) to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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