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In 1768 Lieutenant James Cook, Royal Navy, set sail on HMS Endeavour on a voyage of exploration and scientific investigation and through his journeys, Cook is considered to be one of the greatest explorers. In 1770 Cook reached New Zealand where he circumnavigated and completely charted the north and south islands before continuing west. Cook was the first person to accurately chart a substantial part of the coastline of Australia and to fix the continent in relation to known waters.
Cook's 1768-1771 voyages in HMS Endeavour is also considered to be of general historical importance because of its great contributions to the world's knowledge of seamanship and navigation, as well as geography. During World War II, Denmark became occupied on April 9, 1940 while the training ship DANMARK was on a routine training mission in U.S. The First Officer of DANMARK during the war was Knud Langevad, and he was in charge of training the U.S. The ship has a permanent crew of 15 consisting of: Captain, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Doctor, Deck Officers, Electrician, Chief Steward, cooks and quartermasters. DANMARK has 80 trainees – young men and women ages 17-23 whose voyage is part of a basic training program to qualify for a career in the merchant navy.
When signing on the DANMARK, the trainees meet the challenge of living, studying and working in a maritime environment which is intense and challenging.  They all sleep in hammocks during a cruise which lasts 20 weeks.
The DANMARK forms an excellent teaching environment which combines theory and practice.  The trainees achieve technical and social skills difficult to obtain in traditional training environments.

This fine tall ship model of the famous clipper ship Flying Cloud is perfectly sized for any shelf, desk, or mantle. Renowned for her speed and endurance sailing the open seas, these proud tall ship models of the Flying Cloud add a touch of historic spirit and flair of nautical decor to any bedroom, den, or office. One of only three ships in the Core Collection of the National Historic Ships Register, the legendary Cutty Sark makes a dashing addition to any room’s nautical decor.
In April, he sighted the east coast of Australia and sailed north along the coast before anchoring in what he named Botany Bay. His explorations of Australia were followed up within a few years by a British expedition to settle the "new" continent. On his voyages Cook became the first captain to calculate his longitudinal position with accuracy, using a complex mathematical formula developed in the 1760's. Teamwork, flexibility are also important qualities developed to make the ship sail in a safe and efficient manner. Six weeks after her initial launch the Flying Cloud made headlines around the world with her record setting sail from New York to San Francisco in 89 days, 21 hours. While there were a few other ships that were capable of such blazing speeds, only two stand out as to be considered in the same league as the Flying Cloud. Built for speed on the open ocean, this amazing clipper ship was considered the fastest of any her size, rumored to have once outrun a more modern steam ship. He was also the first to substantially reduce scurvy among his crew, a serious, sometimes fatal result of dietary deficiency on long voyages. In agreement with the Danish Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Henrik Kauffmann, Captain Knud L.
The clipper Andrew Jackson made the New York to San Francisco journey in 89 days and 4 hours, though after waiting all night to be brought to dock the record was not considered. John's, Newfoundland, later sold, stripped for whatever valuable metal could be found, and burned.

Give this handsome and sleek ship replica as a gift, or place one in your home for a distinct and historic nautical flare.
During the four months voyage along the coast Cook charted the coastline from Victoria to Queensland and proclaimed the eastern part of the continent for Great Britain. Numerous places in Australia, particularly on the east Australian coast and New Zealand, have been named after him or his vessel, and many of the names he gave to parts of the Australian east coast in 1770 are still used (e.g.
This was the case on July 4, 1986, when DANMARK was honored with the number two position sailing behind the U.S.
The working hours can be very long – up to 10-12 hours daily divided in watch duties, practical work and theory lessons.
In addition to her breathtaking speed on these journeys, the Flying Cloud was significant in that her navigator was Eleanor Creesy, wife of Captain Creesy. Government; however, neutrality prevented the acceptance of the offer until December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked. EAGLE during the Parade of Tall Ships celebrating the 100th birthday of the Statue of Liberty, and again in 2000 when the DANMARK sailed as the first foreign ship behind the U.S. Despite departing New York a full two days ahead of the Flying Cloud, the Hornet arrived a mere 45 minutes earlier than her nemesis. EAGLE during the Millennium Voyage of Tall Ships along the East Coast from Miami to Boston. This close Danish-American teamwork lasted until September 26, 1945, when DANMARK and her Captain were returned to the Danish Government with full honors.

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