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Linder boats is the latest range of aluminium boats to hit the South African market place – and so far, they’re making quite a splash.
Here is a brand-new “entry-level” bowrider that will get its owners to veteran status in a hurry. Sometimes we test luxury sportboats and find that they are a bit disappointing in the performance and handling department. Very few manufacturers have a lineup like Chaparral’s – and there are even fewer boats which can be compared to this big watersports craft. Infanta is a South African company building inflatables for the many forms of boating that there are out there.
Chaparral calls the H2O line “entry-level” to help distinguish it from the 25 models in six other lines that it builds, all of which have more gravitas (and higher prices) than the H2O series.

No one ever said that the design team at Chaparral wasn’t innovative, but if there were any doubts, then the 277 SSX would squash them like a bug.
The company says that falling in love with the 287 takes less than a minute – but let’s be honest; who would really be able to resist her even that long? Interestingly enough, several of the features and the build quality seen in its more higher-priced boats are still included in this series.
The Editor takes a Sportsman 445 Catch for a spin in the swell at Gordon’s Bay to see if this little craft delivers on all that she promises. But with speeds like the one we captured we think the H2O 21 Sport will give the rest of the Chaparral line a run for the money.
He not only describes the boat, but gives us an in-depth view of her bottom, tips on how to manoeuvre the 264 underway (her wheel takes just 2.5 turns from lock-to-lock), as well as finishing with a short tutorial on how to dock a single engine sterndrive with counter-rotating props.

Simply because the 244 Xtreme started with a huge advantage over those classic skiboats designed to have no wake at all – the 244 has a 20-degree deep-V bottom at the transom which makes a pretty big wake! Her standard hardtop adds to her stylish looks while adding much needed protection from the sun.
She’s available with no less than 11 engine and drive combinations, and today we put her through her paces with the 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAG turning a B3 outdrive. Her deep-V hull gives her the ability to handle waters outside the protected inlets where most bowriders will be gathering.

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