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Each design service can be commissioned separately allowing our clients complete flexibility when discussing their projects with us. Currently on the drawing board are a stunning new 170m (558ft) megayacht, a 49m (144ft) displacement yacht and a 30m (98ft) production yacht. The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the page author.The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by the University of Minnesota. One of the best benefits of flat screen technology is the freedom to mount your screen just about anywhere. A number of creative mounting and concealing options are open to you for almost any flat surface in your yacht. One of the most popular solutions for screen viewing is wall mount.  A wall mount eliminates the need for a stand. Among disadvantages, close position to the wall will limit the degree of swivel for your screen.  Other factors like fireplace fittings, cabinetry or shelving may mean you have to fix your screen slightly higher or lower than your ideal viewing height.
Screen size may be limited if you don’t have extensive flat wall space, depending on the placement of other features and the configuration of your cabin or stateroom.
A ceiling mount for your TV or flat screen allows you to use larger screen sizes than your wall space might offer.   When automated to retract behind a ceiling panel, the screen easily tucks out of sight. A possible disadvantage is that ceiling mounts can be more complicated to install than wall mounts.

Lifts and retracting systems vary in ease of installation.  One free-standing model collapses to fit under a bed, requiring only placement and no installation at all.
A potential disadvantage is the need to dedicate a piece of furniture or cabinetry to conceal the system. A professional installer is a must for any system that will be integrated into your boat’s wiring, sound system and construction.  Your interior design professional is often your best resource to find an experienced installer with high-quality workmanship. You can speak with a professional designer who specializes in interiors for large boats, yachts or aircraft.  Call us at iMatchDesigners for a free consultation, and to find a design professional to help you create comfortable, on-board screen viewing for you and your guests. Get ideas for your next projectTake the guesswork out of hiring a designer, with free tips by email. H2 Yacht Design was established in 1994 specialising in the interior design and exterior styling of superyachts. The H2 design team offer a wealth of expertise in every aspect of yacht design together with a vast library of fabrics, finishes and fittings, making them ideally placed to fulfil the diverse needs and requirements of their clients. The experienced team offer a world-wide experience and outstanding creativity, which together with comprehensive project management skills embrace every aspect of the design process.
H2 Yacht Design are based in London giving them access to the finest selections of fabrics and furniture as well as the latest trends in interior design. A leading yacht design consultancy based in West London is currently looking for a very experienced Yacht Designer with a strong naval architectural and technical background.

The ideal candidate should have no less than 15 years experience with a reputable company and should have a full understanding of all aspects of technical design applicable to the exterior of yachts. The ability to lead by example within a small design team, devise and manage internal design programs, coupled with a keenness to be part of a fast developing dynamic studio, is essential.
This space saving advantage also offers control over screen height, when using a tilting mount fitting that allows you to adjust the angle. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you may need to plan for an extender for a comfortable viewing angle. The director Jonny Horsfield and senior consultants have between them over 30 years experience in the yacht industry during which time they have been involved in over 100 superyacht projects.
By using the ceiling, you can place a flat screen just about anywhere, even in a space with a very irregular shape.

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