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Portland Yacht Club moorage is located on Marine Drive, and has a commanding view of the eastern entrance to North Portland Harbor on the inside of Hayden and Tomahawk Islands.
At last check (Spring 2012) the minimum depth in the range at the entrance is about 5' above NOAA's Columbia River Level at Vancouver (see drawing below).
The dining room serves members and guests from our all-new kitchen and barbeque, and opens to a large patio that overlooks the PYC moorage, which itself is undergoing a complete conversion to concrete docks. Just 12 miles downstream from the clubhouse and moorage and inside a bay on the east side of beautiful Sauvie Island, +45° 44' 59", -122° 46' 17", lies the club’s member-only Willow Bar Outstation.
Within the outstation’s protected, no-current confines are docks that accommodate 50-to-60 boats on a major cruise or casual visits by members. Note: CRD refers to Columbia River Datum, which is the same river level datum as used for NOAA's Columbia River Level at Vancouver, so depths above can be directly applied to river levels as reported by NOAA. To change things up a bit and keep trying something new, we decided to stay on a yacht for a few nights as well. Of the ones available I picked this one because it had a lighter white interior rather than a wood grain interior because it looked more appealing.
The way they land, they come in really hard, almost like they’re dive bombing into the water.
The pilots here are ex Alaskan bushplane pilots so they’re well trained and can place the planes exactly where they want. The stove light shorted out and tripped everything off so we weren’t able to use that and had to troubleshoot that issue to be able to cook.
When I first got there I went out the side door to check out more of the ship and when I went back in, the door refused to close. The second night water started condensing on that hatch above the bed and started dripping down, even though it wasn’t raining or anything. Lots of the door handles were broken and not working properly and apparently it’s been that way for months based on the reviews online.

When the sun comes up from the east, you can get a view of the ship aglow from one direction. Midday, the sun is up in the sky and up ahead of the boat which also created some nice light. As the day progressed and the sun set over the horizon (note how the land rises up in the distance. There’s plenty more that I could say, but hopefully this is headed in the right direction of shortening these posts. On a fun final note, after finishing up our stay here and letting the yacht owner know about the issues so that he could fix them, he kindly offered to give us another night for free.
This blog is about the unfolding journey as I follow my heart, listen to my intuition, and fully embrace life as it unfolds, to the very best of my ability. PYC also has its own private fuel dock (at the tip of C-dock) and a pump-out station (at the head of N-dock). Members have unlimited access to cruises, sailing races, education, children's parties, ladies dinners, holiday gatherings and the ever-popular cookouts, to name a few.
A large enclosed patio float offers seating for meals and parties, a kitchen, restrooms and a shower, and protection from the weather.  A recent expansion program has added more docks, all with water and 30-amp power, and dredging has increased the navigable area (members can click here for details). It’s got a great view of the city and the lake as well as a bunch of other cool watery stuff.
It’s docked here and when he needs it, it floats over to his house to pick him up and take him home.
A lot of people who come and stay bring food and drinks that they can’t take back due to going to sports games, hopping on a plane elsewhere, and so on, so you get tons of the remainders of all sorts of drinks.
If you want to go enable the stove, for example, you have to go over to the AC and DC fuse panels to start enabling the stove, fans, lights, and heating elements. Figuring I was just missing something obvious, I called the owner about that and apparently it was an issue that his handyman didn’t fix properly.

What this meant is that when you lay down in bed tired and ready to go to sleep, your pillows were wet and it’s constantly dripping right on your face.
They’re these long paddleboats with 20 paddlers, a drummer, and a steering person, and they have these big races out on the lake.
A few more shots worth of various liquors, assorted beers with everything including lousy cheap beer and higher quality microbrews, some hard ciders, and so on. Both panels were a hodge podge of switches that look like this and you have to call up the owner to walk you through it. He guided me to a wrench set tucked behind the couch so that I could go and fix his door for him so it was close. It also shines in from one of the side windows and is extra bright thanks to the reflections off the water.
I didn’t want to bother fixing this so I just moved over and slept on the side of the bed while droplets fell a few inches from my head. You feel it less than standing and don’t get as much motion sickness, but being horizontal on a boat is ideal. Luckily after playing with the door for a while we were able to free him before I had to break the door down to get him out. This was pretty early on so I was pretty enthused about getting to fix things on the ship and get to see what the experience of being on a boat is like.

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