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Tourists who picked yesterday to go for a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge you got to see more that just the view of Alcatraz.
Apparently the new class of boats is being introduced to try and increase public interest in the America’s Cup. Originally Posted by cavalier mk2 I thought the ad space left on the Prada mainsail was the culprit Someone should point out that Prada may have just headed up and dropped down, we need a video to compare. Originally Posted by SteveMellet It means that the fastest boat is out of the frame, way to the left, and is painted orange.
Location: Sydney Australia Going back to the very beginnings of catamaran sailing large plates were put at deck level on the bows of the hulls at some angle of attack.
Worked for some, but if the nose dug deeply into the back of a wave for instance that could cause the bows to be pushed deeper into the water and actually cause a pitchpole. Location: Melbourne, Australia ETNZ have been pushing thier AC72 pretty hard in some tough conditions. Originally Posted by Corley ETNZ have been pushing thier AC72 pretty hard in some tough conditions.
Location: Arizona, USA Hello, My name is Evan Stufflebeam and I go to high school in the desert of Arizona in the US.
Location: Arizona, USA I was wondering if anyone knows how quickly ETNZ can get the boat up foiling? Originally Posted by EvanStufflebeam I was wondering if anyone knows how quickly ETNZ can get the boat up foiling? Here is a pix of TNZ and Luna Rosa(which uses a mainfoil system closer to Oracle than to TNZ). Also a wing compared to a normal soft sail gives more stability in aero power and in control, it does not move similarly in bending or twist to a flexible sail.
Actually it is more impressive to view the winged AC72 from a distance because on board, you have the impression that everything controls itself. Even bearing away (doubtful translation) in 14 knots for the very first time, there was no slaughtering; the feeling of security was a pleasant surprise. I have only sailed with a wing once before on an Oracle AC45; it is in no way the same size. Trimaran with a difference » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post America's Cup declining? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Originally Posted by motorbike The enjoyment and thrills in a sporting event come from close competition, understanding the players and their skills and rivalries.
Sailingwise, Ive only ever sailed a few cats, hobies and B class, very thrilling but too fast and wet for relaxed fun, a friend had a 9m cat for a while and his comments were that you got into deep ***** much much faster!
PS- you may not have watched the AC 45's racing which is too bad because there was lot of close racing, lead changing and exciting starts. Location: Beam Reach Doug your vocal advocacy of high tech sailing makes you a focal point, hence the comment. The AC 45's look great, I'm not against the racing or multis but its the relevance to the rest of the sport that I question. Originally Posted by wet feet It may well be that the next edition of the AC will cost such a huge amount to participate in that there will be very few competitors and I suspect that the age profile of the crews may alter quite a bit. TNZ would not currently exist if not for some financial consideration from the defender and from Prada. Similarly, the reaching finish has been useless, unless you consider the staged finish on the national broadcast last Sunday. Location: Beam Reach I'll clarify my comment on the AC 45's, the trailers and clips are good to watch, Coutts t-boning the race boat was good value but watching whole race?
One of the most endearing features of a good cruising multihull is the way in which it smoothly, without fuss or discomfort, will gobble up the sea miles, making along shore or water crossing passages more pleasurable experiences.
Also you may not have noted that a short time ago a trimaran sailboat, featuring foil stabilizers, circumnavigated the world in a shorter time than any other type surface vehicle ---EVER. Location: Beam Reach I dont think you actually read my posts otherwise you wouldnt reply with such nonsense. If I wanted a cheap fast multi, Great Barrier Expresses are awesome, but as I mentioned the shortcomings for my style of sailing apart from the lack of accommodation is actually excessive speed! I owned, sailed, cruised and raced 7 different Cats and Tris before I went briefly back to monohulls when I came to Australia, sailing in 26ft to 60ft boats.
A few very notable exceptions exist where a top notch crew is required, but the design & build side of the equation is just as important or more important.
When it is in the mode were there is little or no difference in the boats, the owner who buys the best crew tends to win. When it is in the mode were boat innovation is likely to be the key, the owner who buys the best design team has the best chance of winning.
You may have missed some posts in these & other forums (could have missed over 50 of them) - as I've been very up-front in my great enthuasiasm of the development in multihull technology especially of late. All these new developments are wonderful for the sport of sailing regardless of my personal like for multi's & I hope the world-wide community of sailing grows as a result of all this interest. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Little America's Cup UK 2013 Team Invictus will host the next Cup in the UK and have just released a sketch of their probable new boat.
Challenge Italia confirms its participation in the World C Class Championship, also known as the Little America’s Cup, to be held in 2013 in Falmouth, Cornwall. Roberto Grippi, Team Manager of Challenge Italia, expressed his enthusiasm on behalf of the whole team for the progress made since the project began in October 2010.
Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Little America's Cup 2013--Team Invictus Apparently, Invictus lost her wing this past weekend when a shroud or stay let go.
Article was hard to decipher giving the initial impression that the project was part of Team Hydroptere.

The first Class C crew will comprise Jeremie Lagarrigue and Billy Besson, who recently came third in the Formula 18 World Championships (sport catamarans) at Long Beach. January 1, 2011 1.A catamaran is defined as a two-hulled sailing boat with essentially duplicate or mirror image hulls, fixed in parallel positions. 1.The C class emblem shall be carried on the mainsail and shall consist of the letter C over two parallel horizontal lines over national letters and sail numbers. Obviously there are interpretations and measurement instructions that add a bit to this, but these are the rules. Chris Ostlind Previous Member   I stumbled onto this bit this evening and liked it a lot.
Originally Posted by bad dog I get a "Forbidden" message to that photo link Schakel - is there another?
About the bows that both changed into wave piercing: An inshore bow instead of a classic of shore bow. About cavitations: He admits that when a hydrofoil starts to cavitate it loses its lifting power and then the whole thing ends up in a big crash.
About trimaran versus catamaran: He points out that speed is more important then manouverability.
But there is nothing much to be said in advantage of this match except that the most part of the match will be about design and not about tactics. I know there were speculations about the date of the match and since both multi's are not in Valencia I guess the date will be far of. Originally Posted by schakel when a hydrofoil starts to cavitate it loses its lifting power and then the whole thing ends up in a big crash.
Somewhere in these forums I read that an increase of 1 ,5 % is calculated as fatal But the chance increases when the size is bigger. Location: edgewater maryland i understand wave piercer to have benefits of reducing pitching of boat and resultant variations in apparent wind over sails. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Power The gist of the judges ruling today is that-apparently-Alinghy's engine is legal.
Location: edgewater maryland couple questions - i've seen that trend has been for increasing percentages for the amount weight carried by foils of ORMA 60's for example. This type of foil system does not use an altitude control system and so could theoretically lift the whole boat.
In the AC leadbelly days boats broke in half, masts failed etc.-wouldn't expect less from these extraordinary boats.
Location: edgewater maryland thanks for the link but i couldn't really find a straightforward guide to any rules driving the design - particularly the rules that have allowed for multihulls or given them dimension. Location: the netherlands nothing providing pitch stability When they started this,BMWO racing had the help of Frank Gammas and the crew of Groupama. They are actualy very far and when it become stable it might be a huge improvement for the sport. Strange but I getting more and more aware of the fact that yachtsman aren't safety freaks at all.
The pitch stabillity is being obtained with waterballast in the stern compartments of the windward hull.
SELECTION: From the 1 billion videos uploaded to YouTube daily, Flixxy editors selects only 3-5 videos to be added to the site daily. CONCISE CAPTION AND DESCRIPTION: We know your time is valuable, so we distill the information down to what you need to know.
The sad part is that while it can sail at 68knots on starboard tack, it has to lower it's rig and be unceremoniously dragged back upwind on port by a RIB, but that's the price you pay for ultimate speed. I stumbled upon the Volvo last year at about this time and have fallen in love with sailing of any kind since.
Does it take quite a distance at speed or are they able to get it up in a short span like what it will be on the race course? A white wash or a drag race is dull viewing, outright speed is irrelevant in sailing as its a snail paced sport compared to motor racing. I prefer a mono, I love the powered up feeling, the interior space and the pleasure of classic lines when I row away.
Finally, the highest technology in sailing is being used in the Americas Cup-something I've dreamed of since I was a kid-it is a monumental development that will grow sailing and inspire many people. Those that said multihull racing would degenerate into just a drag race were very, very wrong-this was great racing !
Multihull cruisers have their place, but you would be ignorant to think you can get something for nothing. Sure some can afford them but decent multis are more expensive, need more mooring space etc. Discussions are just that, a mixture of opinion, fact, conjecture etc I don't see anyone here without a viewpoint. In 2013 Challenge Italia, an Italian team based in Palermo, will compete in this prestigious competition with a crew composed by Francesco Bruni and Pierluigi De Felice.
Challenge Italia will compete under the flag of Club Canottieri Roggero di Lauria, the prestigious club based in Palermo that is also involved in the America’s Cup with Venezia Challenge. Yacht designers for over 15 years, they have won many championships and Italian national races with their designs.
The length shall be measured between perpendiculars to the extremities of the hulls with the catamaran in her normal trim.
The beam shall be measured at right angles to the centre line of the craft at the widest point and including all fixed or adjustable apparatus with the exception of a normally accepted trapeze or retractable seat.
Sail numbers shall be allotted by the National Authority or Class Association appointed by the National Authority. I still find it strange because on the other hand the Tornado is being called as most successful catamaran ever.

And when the Multi is bigger the chance that this will happen is greater from my intuition. The whole structure can not withstand the fall so that cat continue sailing on both hulls until it is lifted up again? And of course I can start of the changes in the Reynolds numbers in case of turbulent or laminar but I guess we all know that.
I think it is a positive development for high performance big boats-and as Hydroptere has shown can lead to extraordinarily high performance. Ernesto from Alinghi just hired Loic Peron who has extensive experience on Big catamarans like Gitana 13. In holland 95 % of the time that sea rescue or coast guard had to take action it was for sailing yachts in trouble.On the other hand it is one sport after soccer where most revenue is made.
We assumed that the top of the S was simply there for engineering reasons, to enable each board to be cranked down. Over the summer I was in San Francisco and sailed about 30 feet behind Jimmy's AC45 on a sailboat tour around the bay. Those that think it should be similar to F1 probably think watching a road train making laps with 2 lead changes a race is fun stuff. Thats just me, for those who get off on multi hulls, I think thats great, but a Doug Lord revolution?
As far as the AC is concerned, my personal opinion is that monos would provide much closer match racing, but I am happy to be proven wrong.
I gave the example of high tech in moderate cruising cat, not a piver glass on ply, pivers are about the same as ferro's in tech advances as far as this thread is concerned. Francesco Belvisi, Luca Caruso and Giuseppe Musca, talented young yacht designers, complete the design team. They will be the first yachts ever built using the�thin ply technology (TPT), an innovative Swiss invention which will result in a lighter and stiffer structure. The measurement shall be taken parallel to the centre line of the craft and shall exclude rudder hangings.
The class emblem, national letters and distinguishing numbers shall be placed as prescribed in the Yacht Racing Rules.
Those who ever compared the amount of power on the sheets between a cat and a mono know a cat is almost nothing in sheet tensions. The likelyhood of a crash resulting from such an event is even more likely since if the hulls are out of the water there is nothing providing pitch stability. I was once worried that when at 40 knots this would mean serious danger for the crew when hitting a stay during a nose dive. Over the past week I read through most of the pages on this blog as I think about AC72's all the time, and you guys answered any questions I had throguhout all of it.
I doubt it, multis are more expensive to build, keep and if you want a fast one its got to be long and light with spartan accomodations. Watching sailing events in general is as boring as watching paint dry, unless you have a real understanding or an vested interest in whats happening. The AC proper will have novelty on its side, but as Paul mentions tacking duels and real match racing are most likely toast.
It was foldable and trailable and we sailed it every weekend in the Canadian summer and for the two weeks of summer vacations, for four years.
He is joining Jeremie Lagarrigue, who sailed Patient Lady 6 at the 2010 Little America's Cup, in Newport, RI. However, if the athwartships width of a rudder within 153mm (6 inches) of the bottom of the hull is more than 76mm (3 inches), the length shall be taken to the aftermost point of the rudder.
I do not know I would not be surprised if both team shows up at the real cup with conventional bows.
Until it starts to blow real hard: The team that keeps the boat together and doesn't lose much speed will win.
Both these boats may be using some nifty technology that may allow them to reduce lift underway ,if necessary-but that is pure speculation. First wings on an AC leadbelly in 1983 by the Aussies and now all this time later wings lift an Americas Cup boat almost out of the water-with speed near 40knots in 20 knots wind. The wealthy elite that control the AC can and will circle jerk all day long over the rules without consideration of anyone but themselves, they dont give a rats about you or me. If speeds your thing then for a few thou and some practice a kite board will outrun most multis, but so what? The big upside of the cats n'cups event is that it will be great to watch because there is a significant risk factor involved. They have stated their intention to bring a new boat to the next championships here in the UK which would be great for the event; Alain was very much drawn to the Corinthian spirit of the event which we wholly support. The buoyancy is by far not enough to withstand the load and unless the crew doesn't react instantly by easing the sheet the chance of the whole thing flipping over is possible and fatal for the match.
That was part of the testing program we did last year in Valencia, sailing on the Alinghi 41, we built some boards of the same concept. I'm so glad that I've lived to see this fantastic progress in the world of sailboat design. It will be a wind hunting exercise, but the crowd pleasers will be in the crashes and near misses. You can?t do that with a catamaran, so this is the solution and it gives us a lot of options. The concept is that when you are sailing downwind, the board is half up or reduced area, but because it is an S it is rotated inboard a lot, so it has got a lot of horizontal lifting capability when the board is half down.

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